Can you believe this...?

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  1. Curious to see how she turns out. Will you have a go at dyeing her yourself?
  2. How is she doing! This is a great opportunity for a restore! So sorry this happened to you but what a story!
  3. Poor bag, looks like a right mess and those punks who did it wrong deserve to have their a**es whooped by a bunch of bag ladies! :bagslap:

    You could have a go at painting the bag with leather paint yourself. I've seen it done on our Finnish Mully FB Fan Club site - the results are amazing and it's really easy to do. The paint doesn't stick to the metal parts but then again, on the Bays there aren't alot of metal parts to begin with and you might want to have them replaced anyway.

    Good luck with the project, please don't give up; you might be surprised by the reward! :smile:
  4. So sorry to hear about what happened to your bag!! I agree that it looks much nicer after washing. I think it will be quite difficult to get the original green color back, but after dying it dark brown, navy or black and some conditioning, it will be wearable again! Do consult Docride. She is awesome (as you have seen through countless testimonials other posters have shared XD) I followed her advice and my leather bags stayed lovely and soft. Good luck with the project! I'm sure she will turn out great ;)
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    Hello there , I've been reading your story with great interest, I'm so sorry you've had such an ordeal with your lovely Bayswater, people can be so selfish and with no regard of how it affects others. If it helps, I had a Mulberry Mabel dyed at the Handbag Clinic ( ) with great success, they did a truly wonderful job and you could hardly tell the bag had been dyed. I know you would have postage costs to consider etc. but if you really love the bag and want a renovation, these people are just the job, I highly recommend them. Web address is Good luck with restoring your beautiful Bayswater.
  6. I'm so sorry to hear this and see your bag. Hope you get her back in a shape so you can use her again
  7. Oh wow - awful. I had someone break into my car for my gym bag! Absolutely nothing of value in it. People are terrible. I'm so sorry this happened to you :sad:

    I hope you can save her somehow. What a story that would be!
  8. I have to admit to being very curios as to whether you dyed bayswater and how it looks now?
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