Can you believe this...?

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  1. That's me! LoL
  2. While your bag looks in no way how it did originally, I kinda like its new look, very vintage-y and one of a kind. Been through hell and back, then found her way back to you--she is a survivor.

    It is definitely a beater bag that you don't have to obsess over--rain drops, spilt wine, etc. YET durable. (I realize that I am probably the only one thinking this way. :shrugs:)
  3. I know she was originally green, but dark brown might be the way to go.
  4. Update [emoji3]
    The bag has almost completely dried, except for where the inside pocket is. She's "stiff as a brick" and smelly.
    I agree that putting her into the freezer will probably not help much, as she has spent the complete winter (with temperatures of minus 15 deg Celsius) outside.
    But I decided to give it a try and wrote to Mulberry customer service, to see if they react, and then what theyr advice is.
  5. I once read about removing odors by sealing things in rubbermaid tubs with charcoal and newspaper. Curious what Mulberry says
  6. It looks already so much better now after you washed her... I think there is still much hope for her, if re-dyed and then thoroughly pampered with leather conditioner. Please keep us posted!
  7. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Following your surviver Bays' journey is really exciting though - please keep us posted! :smile:

  8. I have been following your thread. How absolutely gutting for you. I am sure you have thought about it but could you claim on your house insurance? In the UK if you had the cover it could be claimed for under "personal possessions" cover with a modest (say £50-100 excess). Most UK policies give new for old cover meaning a new replacement.

    Re the smell, I once bought a bag that reeked of cigarette smoke, best part of a week on the washing line (& with a tumble dry sheet inside) in the summer freshened it up no end.

    Good luck x
  9. I have no idea if this is possible right now where you live, but there is nothing like placing something in warm sunshine to eliminate odors. We have done it with old wooden furniture - very successfully.
  10. A very interesting read and in a way so nice she came back to you. However, I had a Louis Vuitton Batignolles bag that had a mould smell and I honestly tried everything mentioned from freezing, washing, airing outside on the washing line to putting various concoctions inside like bicarb , fabreeze sheets and so on and so on.

    sadly even if the smell diminished it always came back. If it was on the seat next to me in the car I could smell it and I'm sure it isn't good for you to breath in mould spores.

    It will be interesting to see how you get on but be wary of spending too much to remove the smell in case it never goes. :nogood:
  11. Just got a reply from Mulberry, very polite of course, saying they're sorry but can't help me as they do neither cleaning nor dying of bags. Bit disappointing, at least they answered 🙁.
    So have to try my own luck, see what I will achieve. Not so much to make her fit for carrying, rather to get her in a state that I can keep her as kepsake.
  12. Just read through the this post with interest, seems like the old Mulberry's were pretty indestructible. I think you've got a great job so far - she certainly looks better than when you got her back. Will you try and dye it yourself next?
  13. WOW ~ what an ordeal. So very sad to read this BUT your rehab so far has done wonders! She is 1 lucky bag to have been found & sent home! In my humble opinion, I think I'd just be happy she's back & I'd love her up. I'd probably just put her in my office or bedroom, like a prop ( to hold a few fave magazines & such) & I'd just enjoy thinking about the whole journey/story. Best of luck to you & your beautiful Mulberry!
  14. Do keep us posted! I think I would've chucked her straight into the trash (or donated her to a charity,) but I admire your tenacity.
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