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  1. She looks like she has washed up well. I would let her dry and try some bicarbonate of soda in a container placed in the bag. It removes smells from the fridge so should work.
  2. You've done a good job so far, definitely agree with the suggestion to send it a specialist to dye it and restore it to its former glory.
  3. Looking better at least! If you go for a re-dye, just make sure you are happy with the solution they propose - i.e. a dye that penetrates the leather vs one that just coats the surface of the leather.
  4. Looking so much better. Yes please do keep us updated on the progress.
  5. What an improvement so far . Look forward to hearing what you decide to do with her .
  6. I'm glad that your Bays looks so much better now. Have to confess that I thought a lot about it. Please keep us posted. I'm very curious about the final outcome.
  7. Thanks again for your interest in her fate and also your suggestions, I keep pondering them.

    Well, here she is this morning, still very humid (especially inside). She regained her shape surprisingly well, but the colouring and stains are pretty bad.
  8. Well done on the work so far. Interested to know if you will send for professional refurbishment or try yourself. I'm sure one of our members did a home redye - will see if I can find their thread :smile:

    Yup! Here you go...
  9. Hello moosgooshoo, actually I'm not sure yet myself if I'll be going for professional assistence. I'd have to ship the bag to the UK, it'd be pricey and with uncertain outcome. This bag wasn't in any like-new shape to begin with - which I liked about her.
    We'll see.
  10. Shipping to the UK would definitely make this process expensive. Are there any recommended leather refurbishers in Germany?
  11. I don't know if you'll want to abuse your poor bag anymore, but one way to remove a bad smell from an item is to freeze it overnight (the cold kills off the smelly bacteria). If you have a chest freezer or even an outside space that gets very cold (shed?), you could freeze the bag to remove the mouldy scent.
  12. Just read through your post. I'm so sorry for your gorgeous bag. What an ordeal. I think if it was me at this point I would try dying it a dark colour myself..... You have nothing to lose really? Especially if it's going to be costly and with an uncertain outcome to send it away?
    I'll be interested to see what you do!! Good luck xxx
  13. Well done you for cleaning her up. I think I would brave it even more and try doing a home dye rather than paying lots of money for something you are not certain about. If it was me I would go for a darker colour in the hope that it will cover all the patches and be even. I might actually even follow the advice of someone else and give it another wash first to get ride of the smell although the dye itself my do that.

    Maybe try messaging someone who has already done this to get advice?
    Good luck and please do keep us all informed about what you do.

  14. Hi! I'm from Germany, too, and I have to confess that I have never heard of a reliable handbag hospital around here. I would try to google "Handtaschenreparatur" and add your next big city. For example you get some interesting finds of Feintäschner in Munich that offer repairs. Those craftsmen can do amazing things. Wouldn't hurt to sent them pictures. Good luck!
  15. Your poor bag, but at least you've got her back. She looks a bit better after her wash.

    If you don't want to pay a professional to restore her, what about trying to dye and restore her yourself- you've got nothing to lose. The furniture clinic ( does a range of dyes and leather resoration products and they will post to Germany so it might be worth considering if washing hasn't got the stains out. Like toothfairy and Jemima have suggested above, I'd also be tempted to try dyeing it a darker colour in the hope it will hide the stains. Good luck whatever you decide to do.
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