Can you believe this...?

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  1. Last summer my beloved Mulberry Bayswater in apple green darwin was stolen from my car - with everything that was in it, documents and what not.
    Yesterday, after almost nine month, I got a call from police saying it has been found, by a lady walking her dog, close to the river out of town. And this is how my poor beauty looks today
    Isn't it sad? Nothing was stolen, they were only after cash which was about the only thing I had NOT in it. But of course everything is destroyed and smells awful.

    Not sure if I'm glad I have to see her like this....
  2. Omg, so sad! How do you even begin to try and salvage this? So sorry dear [emoji22]
  3. Sorry. :sad:
    Crooks are jerks.

    Why not try sending to mulberry for repairs?
    They might. Not harm asking.

    Or, just list on ebay as "preloved." (Joking :biggrin:)

    Do think mulb may help.
    Best luck. :smile:
  4. :sad:
  5. Oh how sad think i would have preferred not to see it again like that if it was me so sorry..i travel bag stolen from a crowded virgintrain from the rack they insist you leave bags in ....never got it back..druggies!!!! Apparently notorious..pop off at the next station without even buying a ticket and sell whatever they can
  6. I remember once years ago, a TPF'er put their bag in the washing machine... nothing to lose maybe? A good warm wash followed by a shed-load of moisturing/conditioning cream and a ton of TLC might work wonders!
  7. I agree with Indiana, no harm giving it a wash by machine or by hand. Re-color and moisturise afterwards. The bag has "great bones" to begin with. 😊
  8. Oh no :sad:

    I agree with the ladies above, try putting it through the washing machine & see what happens.

    Are the white bits we can see external marks, or are they damage to the leather?
  9. Thank you all for letting me share my grief 😥😥!

    Actually I hadn't thought of the possibility to wash the bag. It's in absolutely awful condition, overgrown with god knows what, and smells of mould. But then really - what harm could I possibly do??
    So how would you do it, just throw it in the machine and give it a cold program without spinning? Never tried such thing before....Hope I'm not ruining the washing machine 😳.
  10. No, the white bits are actually "bio film", whatever kind of.
  11. I'm so sorry. That is just awful.
  12. Oh that is sad, I agree you should try cleaning it, you have nothing to lose, if you do clean it please let us know how you get on.
  13. I'm so sorry. :nogood: I agree with the posts about washing it. I would go all in and do a hot cycle with spin to kill all of the bad stuff. It can't hurt!
  14. I'm sorry to hear this happened to you. I agree worth a try washing her, I have a feeling one of the other ladies 'sun feather or alansgail' (?) have washed theirs. It would be lovely too see it in a usable condition again even under the circumstances. Good luck.
  15. Ooh good luck and looking forward to the reveal 🙂 maybe hose it down first to get rid of any debris
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