Can you believe this......

  1. This question was posted by a student to the teacher in a class forum.

    Will I pass the exams/quizzes if I just go by the powerpoints slides that you have given us for the chapters or should I read the book also?
  2. lol :smile:

    I can honestly say...In the years that I took honors & AP Englishes (even college English!) I didn't read ANY of the books that were assigned to us (except for Pride & Prejudice) - and I still passed :biggrin: God bless the internet!
  3. noway!. Im still at school and no way will she pass if she reads the books and slide shows. My science teacher has been off school with illness after illness for about 6 months of the school year and gave us books and slideshows whilst she was away...most off us didnt pass :sad:

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  5. I can believe it! One of my students received a "D" in class last semester. She came to my office and argued, "But I bought the book!"
    Sorry takes more than buying a text book to pass a class...
  6. This is so cute! :nuts::lol:
  7. hahaha :smile: I love some of the new smilies (Or maybe i just haven't seen them yet??)

    This one is my personal favorite: :cursing: He looks like he's about to explode, lol
  8. Same for me^^
    I'd say 70 percent of the books I didn't finished... I started "Faust" just the evening before my oral school leaving examination - and of course I didn't get through the whole thing :shame: (But it was fine! :P)
  9. haha, same thing with me and Faust :smile: I read the first chapter, one of the middle chapters, and the last chapter - and then went on the internet to find summaries :smile: I got an A on my report, my presentation, and the exam :biggrin:
  10. I honestly almost never ever read the english book we are assigned unless i love them, and i do 4 unit english ( that sthe most you can do its double extention) im in the top five in my grade for advanced english and 1st in my extention classes, so no you acctually dont NEED to read the books but you do need a deep understanding on what is going on
  11. i guess I am one of the suckers.. when teacher says to read the book, I actually read the whole thing, then find summaries online so that I can totally feel at ease in whatever question the teacher may throw at me......
  12. Eh... I'm one of 'those' bad students. I made it through school without reading many books... eek- I know. But I did well anyhow :yes:
  13. I didn't read most of the books I was supposed to in English either. :shame: I passed just fine. I never liked English though so I think that had something to do with it. If it was Biology or something like that I would make sure I read what I was supposed to from the text books because it's a little harder to B.S. you way through that, :sneaky: plus it was actually something I had some interest in.
  14. The class where this was posted is a senior level Finacial Management Course.
  15. Same for me! I had absolutely no interest in English. I wanted nothing to do with that. But for Bio or Anatomy, I would be reading every book and then some that I could, because I actually had an interst in it! :smile: