Can you believe this??!!

  1. $180 for just shipping? :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: :censor:
  2. Lol. You know what? People do that to pad themselves in case their item doesn't sell for what they want it to. Plus, your item insertion fee depends on how much you list your item for..and that's how people get around it; by upping the shipping charges.
    I've been looking for dvd sets and the auction will start at .99 but the shipping charge will be $25.
    It's not actually allowed though..they just don't check up on people that much, unfortunately.
  3. this bag is fake anyway
  4. THAT is DAY Light Robbery!!! Fair Dinkum!
  5. We know its fake.

    This person is sick! The scam artists never quit.
  6. Yup..I reported her :yes:
  7. Nice girl!!! I wanted to but didn't know how to go about it.
  8. A fake bag and she is trying to rip people off with shipping....What could be worse? Reported!!
  9. Reported!:censor: :rant:
  10. ooooooooooo snap!
  11. I reported this seller also, so hopefully ebay will do there job and remove this FAKER!:throwup:
  12. OMG... is he/she gonna hand delivery it? :roflmfao: lunatics
  13. Wow! The seller even replies to a potential buyer stating that the shipping was not a typo. She's just begging to be reported! :censor: