Can you believe this........

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  1. What a fantastic buy, I love magenta! Excellent sis you have there!!
  2. Wow!!! Thats awesome! What a great sister! I can't wait to see your pictures! Congrats!
  3. Wow, what a great deal! I think the Magenta is STUNNING congrats!
  4. WOW!AWESOME!:nuts: Congrats!!!
  5. awww congrats..i been watching them on e-bay for some time now and they usually sell for 300.00 on ebay.. so neeldless to say I haven't got one in that color yet

    My closest outlet is about 6 hours too...and that includes a ferry ride and a border crossing :sad: so i don't get there too often either.
  7. That's fantstic! Congratulations. I saw that bag/color IRL and it's beautiful!
  8. I was in San Marcos yesterday and I saw lot Bleeker Duffles also. I was able to get the small Bleeker zip.