Can you believe this........

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  1. My sister went to the outlet today and she picked up a Large magenta Bleecker duffle for me for only 175.00 (or so, I can't remember exactly) I am in shock and I can't wait to post pictures after she sends it to me. They had 5 of them and she got herself one too.
  2. Awesome find, congrats!!!!!
  3. WOW!!!! That is amazing! I have never seen bleecker duffles at my outlet and especially nothing in magenta! Great deal, congrats!
  4. Wow, that's great and so is your Sis!!
  5. My sister is sooooo great! I wouldn't own any Coach if it weren't for her. The closest outlet for me is 6 hours away!
  6. wow - very cool! which outlet? :idea:
  7. San Marcos
  8. great buy
  9. What a great deal! That magenta color is stunning!
  10. WOAHHH amazing price!! why so low?! lucky you :smile:
  11. Awesome! Something pink!!! Congrats and make sure to post pics.
  12. Very cool! I bet it's just beautiful! What an awesome sister!
  13. Wow that is so sweet of her... That was very nice of her. Please post picks I really want to see it...
  14. 6 hours is no joke.
    congrats on the new purchase & lovely sis u got there!
  15. Congrats!