Can you believe this ???

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  1. I just recently moved to Vegas from CA and hence i am renting this apartment before buying a house. I lived in an upstair unit and has a downstairs neighbor. I had just finished showering after a long day at work when i heard my neighbor unit apartment alarm goes on. THe alarm went on for 1 hour and i went down to peek to see if everything is ok. The door was opened, no lights.. and i saw things everywhere on the floor. First thing that came to my mind was "BURGLARY"

    I called the office.. Office closed.. and the voice message says to call the patrol unit (we have a patrol unit on the apartment complex) for any concerns.
    Called the patrol unit, and the patrol unit says that it has nothing to do with them.. wtf?? :censor: The patrol unit told me to call the maintenance hotline.

    Called the maintenance hotline, and they also says that they cannot do anything without the permission of the owners to enter the apartment? HELLOOOO ! My neighbor wasn't at home.. and his house looks suspiciously tormented? with house alarm going off non stop??

    So i asked them " So there is nothing you can do if the house is burglarised?"
    THeir reply is " THe person who sees it has to call the police 911 "

    what the heck?? :censor:

    I didn't call 911 in the end. and the alarm is still going on.. :Push: :mad:
  2. How bizzare is that response from the patrol unit?!?! If I were you I'd call the police.
  3. Noo.. i dont want to get involved .. and besides, what if its just a mistake? I'll be embarrased to be so nosey..
  4. I just suggested that so maybe they can get the alarm to stop. Isn't that noise driving you crazy?
  5. yes it is... but call 911 to stop the noise?? i think thats silly..
  6. what if it IS a burlary. you'd feel like a real ass not calling 911. And, what if it was switched around. Wouldn't you want someone to call 911 if they thought you had been robbed? It's the right thing to do.

    If i was the person that had been robbed, i'd be really really upset you never tried to help. it's a phone call.
  7. I agree with you, satine. Not wanting to get involved in some things these days is understandable, but in this case it's a phone call, it's the least anyone could and should do.

    edit-don't agree with second sentence
  8. No reason why you can't call your local police precinct-come on-neighbor's alarm going off-door open-things strewn around? Why wouldn't you call the police for that??