Can you believe this?????

  1. Honestly, I have never been so shocked in my life. I live in a small, safe, conservative town and never had any problems when I carry my bags. I walked into a grocery store yesterday carrying my MC Speedy and one of the cashiers (male) yelled, LOUIS VUITTON, at the top of his voice in the same manner that you'd scream FIRE!!! I was stunned, didn't know how to react and just turned around and left the store. I'll never go back there again. Has anyone had a bad experience like this that embarrassed you; how did you handle it? :confused1:
  2. Very strange, I would have def. said something, either to him directly or the manager of the store.
  3. I would have talked to the manager.
  4. That's strange... I've never been in a similar situation. But I agree with the PPs, I would have had a word with the manager.
  5. I would go and talk to the manager.
  6. I'm confused - did he say it like it was suprised or horrified or just that he was pointed it out to everybody in the store?

    What a strange thing to do anyway - what we he have done if a very small person had walked in - shouted "Dwarf"?

    Maybe he needs to up his medication??!@
  7. :lol: I would've have found that funny if it happened to me, thinking "What a jackass," but since it made you uncomfortable you should've reported him to his manager.
  8. Did he scream it out mean and sarcastic like?

    Or did he scream it out as if he got excited?

    Either way, that is very strange and I would of been like: "Ummm, oookay." :oh:
  9. lol Im sorry but this seems funny, im sorry if it upset you. I am crazy and would of yelled back at him Yes its Louis Vuitton , love it dont yah! Maybe he was in love with your bag, did he say it to someone or just scream it to no one in paticuliar? I think its funny , but again i am sorry if it freaked you out.
  10. ok i reread this and you say it embarrased you, that sucks. Maybe he was being sarcastic and rude. Screw him , dont let him make you feel embarrasted to shop there.
  11. OMG! Ok when I read this I laughed! I thought it was funny in a cute way. I could see how it would be embarassing though. I woudl shout back...Here she is in all her glory!:yahoo:
  12. How weird... It is weird that he would even know what an LV purse is....Maybe he meant it in a good way and you just misunderstood him?
  13. that sounds really freaky, i would have left too! you never know these days what kind of weirdos are out there.
  14. he sounded....horrified?

    talk to the manager.
  15. This story is bizarre. Please tell me where this happened---state, country? It is really weird.