can you believe this!

  1. i don't know if any of you experienced this before, but recently i pointed out that a girl's bbag is a fake when she's been parading like it's real and all that..and guess what's the reply i got..
    "almost everyone carries a fake balenciaga, you got a problem with that?"
    i was stunned and lost for words..can you believe that?!?!:confused1::push:
  2. I feel your pain. I have a real BBag and my friend who I also live with has a fake besso one. I understand some people cant afford the real thing but i hate it so much that we walk around london together with matching purses except one is fake and one is real...UGH!
  3. so was this a complete stranger off the street or someone you know?
  4. I got an even nastier response a few days ago. I was looking at this girl's bbag (not knowing it was a fake) because the color seemed too white and was sorta wondering. She looked at me and said: wtf are you looking at? Yes, I carry fakes, so what ....


  5. ewww :tdown:
  6.'s kinda funny in a way.. that girls that carry fake bags in general can sound soo defensive about it. They obviously have issues about it themselves, for them to act so defensive about it & basically blurt out that they're carrying a fake... they have fake bbag issues. :bagslap:
  7. it's an acquaintance i'd say! and she's a rich girl! that's worse isn't it? i have my close friends carrying fakes too and one of them even told me she can't tell the diff btw her fake one and my real one?!?!?! and her fake was such a bad fake!! :push::sad: but they can't afford the real one and probably didn't know what brand it is anyway so i don't blame them :push:
  8. I can't believe you actually pointed out to her that her bag is fake!? I've never had the guts!

    I'm probably worse because I used to carry fakes too before I could afford the real thing and once I got my first real Louis Vuitton I couldn't carry fakes anymore - but that makes me a bit like a reformed smoker - always noticing the fakes. I find myself just wanting to let THEM know that I KNOW its fake!!
  9. Some people just don't have the money to buy the authentic bag or they feel it's silly to spend that much $$ when they can get something similar for cheaper [this could be your friends case].

    And the worse case is when the person genuinely thinks it's real. I have a friend with a fake bbag, but she thinks it's the real thing and loves it so. I would never say anything to her, although I feel terrible if she spent alot of money on it :sad:
  10. yea that is my friend's case but what i'm angry with is people (ie the acquaintance) who are obviously rich enough to afford the real one but choose not to, but instead buy good copies and pass them off as real!!! :tdown::tdown::tdown:

    yea i can't believe i pointed out to her also..but i guess i was too outraged by her behavior haha!
  11. people have different priorities with their money, even if they've got enough to spend it the way you do (on genuine, ~$1k bags).

    i'm not for fakes by any means, but i can understand why some gals opt to carry them, especially younger ones. at the end of the day, a bag is a bag and some people just choose to spend their money on other things. we are an exclusive group here on TPF! some people are just genuinely drawn to the design of a bag and don't care about the construction or any of the other good stuff that goes into a real bbag.

    i would never call someone on a fake unless it was a good friend, and even then i would be diplomatic about it. people don't like to be made to feel inferior and there are ways to tread lightly :smile:
  12. ^^very well said!

  13. OMG! :nuts:
  14. I would have told her "First of all not everyone carries a fake, second, yes I do have a problem with you carrying one because you are supporting terrorism and all other sorts of illegal acts that are funded by the purchasing of fake handbags" I'm sure that would of shut her up!:yes:
  15. That kind of s*** makes my stomach turn! I hate fakes!!!