Can you believe this?

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  1. ewww....there was a keepall too for like $700? and 1 bidder...:mad:
  2. ewww....there was a keepall too for like $700 a with 1 bidder...:mad:
  3. Ah, nothing surprises me about fakes anymore !
  4. soo sad someone wasted good money on this..
  5. 52 silly bidders !!! people can be so clueless
  6. that thing is fugly!:sick:
    How can anyone be so dumb as to actually bid on something that was never made??!!:mad:
  7. omigosh! that is horrible!
  8. I am SO OVER the con artists on eBay!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I saw a woman at a local casino 2 years ago with that bag. I instantly knew it was a fake!
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