Can you believe this Kelly is 40 years old???

  1. This is why people love Box. If you get a vintage Kelly, I would advise not using the zipper. Just unzip it and leave it unzipped, if you want to use the back pocket. The cloth of the zipper will go long before anything else.
  2. ^^^Yep, that's why box is my favorite leather. It ages so beautifully................and no botox required.
  3. lol...:roflmfao:
  4. ....Devine...:love: :girlsigh:
  5. GORGEOUS! THIS is why I love Box calf AND vintage bags......:love:
  6. Wow, it ages soooo beautifully!! Love the Box:love: .
  7. Three cheers for box calf!!!
  8. gorgeous!!
  9. Beautiful and really sturdy!
  10. oh my..... pretty bag for 40 yrs old!!!! wowwww!
  11. stunning! I can't wait to wear my box kelly to this patina! :nuts: