Can You Believe THEY DATED !!! ???

  1. [​IMG]

    Admit it -- Heather Locklear and Tom Cruise made an absolutely gorgeous couple. Fake....but gorgeous
    George Michael and Brooke Sheilds?
  2. aw Heather's so pretty
  3. Pamela Anderson looked so pretty back in the day. Tom was hot in the 80's. I don't get Edward Norton and Courtney, they don't seem like they had anything in common. Thanks Prada for the post!!
  4. wow!! prada I didn't know that.. thanks for posting
  5. Wow interesting! Edward Norton and Courtney Love? Who would have thought! Thanks Prada's for posting.
  6. Well, it looks like George and Brooke had the same eyebrows... ? (similar to mine, lol)
  7. Courtney love has recently stated that the love of her life was not Kurt Cobain, but in fact, Edward Norton. Who would have thought?

    Wow, Pamela Anderson used to look like a cute, normal girl. What happened? I don't believe that she hasn't had surgery because doesn't just look older, she looks DIFFERENT.
  8. What a great post! I can't believe how different and charming Pam Anderson looked back then! What happened?!?!

  9. Your welcome Ladies :heart:
  10. Tom looks SOOOOO young in that pic!

    and Colin Farrell looks sooo hott in that pic!!! :nuts:

    Thanks for posting Prada's Meadow!!! :biggrin:
  11. Wow, how adorable was Pam Anderson years before she turned into a scary implanted drag queen?!:wtf:
  12. i knew most of these... some of them i found very surprising!
  13. Great post! Courtney Love looked so much younger back then and Pamela looked so natural and pretty. :wtf: It's like they've both become cartoon characters of themselves.
  14. Great post! I remember when Rob Lowe and Melissa Gilbert broke up, I was heartbroken.
  15. How fascinating!! I love Ed Norton!:love:

    I didn't know about a lot of those pairings! John Mayer & Heidi Klum? Wow! Thanks PM for posting!