Can you believe these new prices????

  1. Unbelieveable....just surfing on elux...a MC speedy 30 is now $1910???:nuts:
    This is an insane price increase...$110??

    Looks like the mono speedy stayed at $620.

    The Manhattan is at a bank breaking $1450. WOWSA!

    But then the Alma only goes from $880-900??? What is their rationale behind these things?

    I must that the increase has actually happened I'm really bummed out:sad:

    And the Epi speedy 25 went down $45. So weird!
  2. Yes, I was just looking at this. There doesn't really seem to be any rationale to the increase.:confused1:
  3. This so sucks.
  4. It must be what they think the market can bear.
  5. Did anything else go down besides the epi speedys?
  6. I just don't get it! I mean if a speedy is their iconic bag right? And they decrease the Epi and keey the Damier & mono the same....why increase the MC a bazillion %?

    I'm really kind of ticked off.

    I mean the Duomo went up $60 which is actually less than 5% (was 1270 now 1330)...and yet the MC goes up by more than 5%?

    It seems like MC took the biggest hit. Are they trying to price it out of the market and make it more exclusive like Suhali or something?
  7. it seems like the prices in france stayed the same.
  8. It seems like this was more of and adjustment than a full on price increase.......I see a lot of things on elux that haven't changed at all (unless they just haven't gotten everything changed yet which I suppose I've seen happen before) but many items did not go up by much, a few suhali accessories I have my eye on stayed the same. I think MC (like everyone is saying) got hit the hardest but they are also a higher price point so they may have had a standard 5% or so and on top of the already high price it seems like A LOT....
  9. The epi has went down, take that know it all SA's! :ninja: :blah:
  10. I am glad I picked up my stuff before today. Definitely a deterrant. My first pruchase was the Manhattan PM, then a wallet, a makeup bag and a few Groom items. I got the Manhattan GM and a Hudson from ebay. Wow! The prices are high. Wonder if production costs went up that much or if they are trying to deter us?
  11. So strange, it doesn't seem like any vernis has gone up or ANY accessories.......although I don't remember the biscayne bay pm being $990.....partly because when I first liked it when it first came out it was like $740...........I wonder if it's a situation of certain items going up that can only be manufactured in certain places that are more expensive to produce....Either that or elux hasn't gotten their act together.....
  12. That's funny because the last price increase that was across the board, I felt like epi was hit harder, so now it seems like they are back tracking a little.......glad I haven't made any epi purchases recently!
  13. I'm with you all that the MC got hit the hardest. Did you notice the BH and BV didn't change either?
  14. I noticed that, I'm still not taking this as the final pricing until tomorrow though, I've noticed eluxury be slow with reflecting their price increases fully before, something just seems too strange to me as of yet, like it's a price increase but almost too good to be true because they haven't increase everything......
  15. OMG, I just noticed those prices---I was going to get the Manhattan PM this weekend and I decided on the epi soufflot instead--I wish I could of gotten both---the price increase on the manhattan is rediculous.