Can You Believe The Nerve of This Seller?!!

  1. Ladies,

    I'm so upset and I need a place to vent where I know someone will understand why I'm mad.

    I ordered this hamptons slim tote last week and it came in today. The seller FOLDED this huge tote and rolled it up to fit it into this flat rate box.

    Why would someone do that with a $500 bag? Granted, I didn't pay $500 for it, but when I sell an item, I don't care if it cost $5 I package it with care. To top it off the guy charged me 15 bucks for shipping.

    The worst part is the tote is so bag is the box is so small that the box fits into the tote WITH room to spare on either side!!

    The satin stripe on the tote is slightly wrinkly now and I'm highly upset. The tote traveled like this all the way from Washington to Virginia all crumbled up like that...I want to send the seller a rude email, but I'm holding back.

    Sighs, just wanted to vent.

    Also, any advice on what if anything to say to the seller? I know, that question should probably be in the eBay forum, but I wanted to post the bag in here.


  2. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf:

    Oh *NO* he didn't!!???!!!!! :hysteric:

    I would definitely complain. Especially for him charging an outrageous amount just to shove the bag into a SMALL (compared to the bag) flat rate box?? That's just ridiculous! I'm so sorry that happened to you!

    That is a gorgeous bag, btw. Very pretty.
  3. Yeah, the shipping was ridiculous for what he did to the bag. I guess he didn't know it's worth. :shrugs: I'm really not good at bad feedback as my sellers have been good. Sorry this happened to you. :sad:
  4. Hehe, must be the day for bad shipping - I'll do you one better. I bought a rose Legacy shoulder NWT for a great price a couple of weeks. It arrived today from Puerto Rico inside a priority mail ENVELOPE - yes, the flimsy envelope with no padding, etc. I was dumbfounded. I opened the envelope and the brown dustbag was stuffed inside with the poor Legacy folded down the middle inside. There is a crease on the bottom of the purse from the fold. The purse is in good condition otherwise and I've put my stuff inside to try and get the shape back but I still can't believe what this guy did. It was a new purse and I don't want to be unfair to the seller so I'm thinking of just not leaving any feedback at all.

    Thanks for the vent - your purse is really lovely.
  5. :wtf: :wtf: :wtf: What is wrong with people???? Shoving a $400 purse inside an *envelope*?? Unbelievable.
  6. That tote is absolutely GORGEOUS and the fact that it was rolled up like that in a box that small is ridiculous! The nerve of some people...
  7. AN ENVELOPE? OMG, that dumb seller outdid mine. Wow. How can people think to do that!
    Is the crease really bad?
    Can you post a picture of your new bag?
    I've only seen the rose flap IRL and the rose shoulder bag in stock pictures, but never a picture of someone modeling the rose shoulder bag though I'm sure there are some on the forum.
  8. Sure, I'll post pics of the bag - may not be tonight as I'll be home late. It's still a really pretty bag. I can see the crease certainly, but since it's on the bottom, no one else can.
  9. Us puertoricans can be sooo dumb, unlike the box guy.
  10. I received an LV Hudson thrown in an envelope & squished into a small box.
  11. I think a seller should have to take a tutorial in shipping before being allowed to sell.
  12. I saw someone post once about a $1500 bag that was shipped......wait for it.......inside a brown grocery bag taped up!!!!! she said it was only taped at the top and bottom and that was it. not in a bag then a box or anything! a brown grocery bag! if that's not enough to make you cry I don't know what is!

    I would definitely email the seller, tell him the bag is messed up bc he didn't back it correctly and you want either a discount or a return. If not, you can open a dispute in paypal and on eBay

    good luck!
  13. Wow, I never heard of such bad packing EVER. The worse I have seen is a purse wrapped in newspaper then put into a box. I would ask the seller for your shipping fee back seeing as he did such a poor job shipping the purse. The bag is lovely though... I hope that it will all work out for you.
  14. That's just wrong on so many levels....

    I can't believe it was packed so poorly. You'd think people would have more common sense! :crybaby:
  15. Well, we all know why they do it--to save on shipping. When I sell on eBay, I usu. charge a small handling fee to "make up" for paypal & ebay fees (of course, the items I sell I'm barely breaking even--& this handling charge is typically 50 cents-$1). Still, I wouldn't dream of shoving a $10 item like they've treated these. I would definitely be contacting the seller. Good luck!