Can you believe she's claiming this as authentic?!

  1. What's wrong with that? ;)

    Maybe "Authentic" is a new brand... never says it's Authentic Coach. :biggrin:
  2. besides the "c"'s being off...that's not the worst fake I've seen
  3. I have seen MUCH worse.. and on the Houston CL for sure! I have tried to sell some of my real coach on there with no interest.. and I bet these fakes sell :tdown:
  4. That's just wrong :nogood:
  5. flagged it!
  6. It was flagged and removed from CL. Good job ladies!
  7. Yeah Ive seen a bunch on Craigslist in Houston. I almost wanted to buy what looked to me as a real Carly. Im glad I posted on the thread for authentication.
  8. I'm going to ask for pics so I can call her out again. Oh i love being sneaky.
  9. ^ haahaa thats a great idea!!! I can't wait to see what it looks like
  10. email sent... lets see her response. Oh I cant wait to call her out on this!
  11. haha "some idiot flagged me..." I'd really like to see the pics of that coach bag. Maybe I should e-mail her with my "purse police" e-mail account...I use a separate one to e-mail people on kijiji,
  12. This was her response to my request for pics:

    What I was told is that this purse was part of a pastel collection or something, they only made them in Blue and Pink Pastels, and it was bought in New Jersey. Well I bought it in New Jersey.

    (She attached 3 pics, which I am too lazy to host so that I can postthem here. But most of you have seen them)

    Time to burst her bubble.
  13. Ok the first is the picture she sent me, the second is the picture that came up on drilldown for style #5107, which this seems to be from the blurry creed pic she sent me. The style of the bags is the same, but there are a few things about hers that smell fishy. Obviously the un-centered C's, but also look at the gold hardware, and random silver grommets that dont match. Does anyone else notice anything before I call her out? Its a pretty "good" fake seeing as the style #'s even match up so maybe she is unaware that its fake?