Can You Believe IT!

  1. I got so close to buying a cerises speedy 25 off eBay from £65.00 and then the seller wouldn't let me buy it becuase i hadn't got any feedbacks. I am really miffed!
  2. £65? Are you sure the bag is authentic? Maybe it's a good thing she didn't let you buy it. :smile:
  3. is it authentic, hopefully not then i haven't missed out
  4. hopefully it is (Crosses fingers)
  5. isn't (Sighs~ what is wrong with my typing!)
  6. Yeah Thanks So Much!
  7. it says in that auction that she won't sell to anyone w/ <5 feedback unless you contact her first anyhow.
  8. Do you see the hanging tag? That is a clear sign of a fake, you don't have to look at the bag itself if you see this in an eBay auction :upsidedown:
  9. Yea, I agree it's a fake... Lucky you didn't get to bid on it.
  10. omg I got a little to excited for a moment there.

    Well at least the seller saved you the aggrevation of disappointment.
    good thing she didn't allow you to buy honey :P
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