Can you believe it? Chanel quality problems part II!

  1. My previous thread dealt with the debacle surrounding my dark silver reissue that was sent in for repair and Chanel "lost" it after waiting 3 months to get it back! Yesterday, I went to grab my Chanel pearls to wear (the one with the matte gold beads and CC's), and one of the knots between the pearls had broke and was fraying! :cursing::mad: I had bought that strand last May and have probably worn it twice. Meanwhile, my classic pearls (with the two pearl encrusted CC's) I've had for 2 years have had no problems. What is going on?? I think the quality has just gone down the drain the last year or so. My older classics, kelly, etc. have had no problems.

    Ugh, since I bought it at NM, I took it back to them and luckily they credited my card back immediately. In regards to the bag in my original thread, I've taken the advice of some PF'ers and called their corporate 800 line to complain. Let's see what happens!
  2. this is beyond acceptable. you need to speak to them personally as i would be soo mad :cursing:
  3. I'm so sorry. Please post updates!
  4. Unbelievable!
    I am so sorry ...
  5. That really stinks...first the bag, now the pearls. Thank goodness for the happy ending w/ the pearls. Hopefully you will have a happy ending w/ your bag!!! Good luck!
  6. YIKES!!!!
    Their prices keep going up too...sigh!
  7. NM took back a 2 yr old bag?
    That's awesome!:tup:
  8. Holy cow pies -- what a horror story!!! Hope the debacle gets worked out so you can breathe a sigh.

    Sounds like from all the various posts there are some gaps in quality control. Maybe production does need to be scaled back to where they can get a handle on it. (Wouldn't we all faint dead away if we heard some of the goods are being made in -- well, I don't want to name names here. At least it might explain why there are issues.)
  9. :sad: I'm so sorry to hear of your troubles with Chanel! I hope everything works out for you!
    and boo why must the quality keep getting worse :sad:
  10. That's terrible. So sorry to hear about that. It's scary to know that prices are going up but quality is not following suit....
    I hope things work for you.....
  11. This is terrible, you are having some serious bad luck. I'm really sorry to hear about it.
  12. Sounds terrible and sorry to hear about that. Yeah, it seems that a few pfers are experiencing abt quality problems with their bags too lately. In the past, I don't think there are so much issues abt quality.

    After their recent price increase esp last yr 3x (goin again this yr in feb probably), pple still buyin chanels beneath of the price increase but the quality of the products are not 1000% perfect as IT IS....that's sad, isn't it?
  13. Wow that really is a bummer! I completely agree that the quality of their products is declining. I bought my GST in November and 1 month later and only after a few uses, the threads came apart on the chain. Luckily, my SA just gave me a new one. I think all of us who have had issues should call that number. They need to get their act together!!
  14. I'm SO sorry to hear that! I really hope you can get it worked out. I think it's so many brands keep raising their prices but the quality suffers. I wish that they could at least stand behind their products given what we pay for them! I recently transitioned from LV to Chanel because of quality issues. I bought a few bags that had problems only after a week or two, and when I tried to get them fixed, the SA's and managers were incredibly rude to me. And I found it very sad that LV changed their warranty from lifetime to 1 year when they started mass-producing....
  15. oh no!!!!!! So sorry to hear that!