Can you believe I ditched my Balenciagas for......

  1. Volcom?:blink: I found the absolutely cutest Volcom tote and matching wallet today. Had to have it! Must be a full moon coming on:lol:
  2. LOL... well if you want to really ditch them, my arms are wide open :lol:

    BTW I want to see pics of this volcom tote & wallet, kimmie!
  3. Wait a minute, didn't you post something a few days ago that said:

    "I'M DONE"??????????

    HAHA busted!!!:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  4. I sure did!!! With Balenciaga that is:rolleyes: . Im safe:lol:
  5. Ha, good out...;)
  6. Post the tote!
  7. You guys are sooo funny:lol: I didnt even think you guys would want to see this one. I just took a pic. I'll get it posted as soon as the hubby gets the cable for me to that. But for now I'll explain:
    Its the khaki beige color with wood details and a baby pink volcom emblem in the corner. If you really want to know exactly what it looks like before I get the pic. up its on Its called Volcom to the Jungle!
  8. haha! can't wait to see pictures!
  9. volcom? my husband is laughing. skate/surf clothes... my husband wears the t-shirts. i've got to see this bag!
    by the way, congrats!
  10. Well let me tell ya, your husband isnt the only one laughing. My teen daughter and son said said "Mom you rock now"! Oh my lord,:roflmfao: Who would have known going from Balenciaga to Volcom could make a "rockin' mama"!! LOL!!!:lol:
  11. ^that's hilarious.:lol: you are a rockin mama!;) my husband wishes i would convert to volcom bags, so i'd save money.
  12. :lol: I have to admit I just went to the website, it's totally cute!!!! It even came in pistachio color too! :heart:
  13. here it is. it's cute.
  14. Oh my gosh, I love you girls, you are so darn funny. Yep, thats it, but its 100 times cuter IRL. I promise I will post pics of mine. LOL!!
    And yes it comes in black and pistachio! Way cute!!
  15. awwwww kim.....that's too cute:lol: I use lesportsac a lot when I dont use my lovely bbags...:roflmfao: