Can you bear to be WITHOUT your Chloes???!!!

  1. I'm going to find it hard to go without my Paddy three days a week going to school, but it's unsafe to leave it in the car and it's probably too heavy to bring to class, even though I want to try it (sans lock and key). (Along with a heavy school bag, you see.)

    What do you think? Crazy to bring it to class? What would you do? Do you have places to go where you routinely leave it? Is it sad?

    LOL I'm too addicted. But if I want to wear my Paddy THIS often, then I REALLY can justify buying a couple more - RIGHT?!!

    LOL! :lol:
  2. just wondering what's the weight without the lock and key?
  3. Hmm. I wouldn't bring it to class if it's too heavy for you along with your book tote. It's a beautiful bag, but not worth the sore arms :p Just carry it more on the weekends and when you go out ;) I definitely would not leave it in the car! My mom's purse was stolen a couple of months ago while she was inside the gym. The person smashed the window of her new Nissan Maxima, grabbed the purse and took off :cursing: He was watching her from the time she parked and got out of the car. You don't want to take that risk.

    And to answer your justification question - Of course! :nuts:
  4. Agree with Cristina!!!

    You could always get a tote :graucho:

    Here is a pic of my large taupe bag:

  5. I love the tote. Saw a pic of it on another pfer in her bag display. It looks totally hot.
  6. I wouldn't bring to class when you have another bag for your books with you. IMO it looks weird with 2 bags and it's to uncomfortable.
  7. Holy crap, that is gorgeous! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: