Can you be too young to wear pearls?

  1. I am currently in the process of browsing jewelry, trying to pick out possibilities of what I would like for my 3rd year anniversary with my boyfriend in two months.

    Initially I picked out the LV grey inclusion bracelet, but then decided I could get that for myself since it's a costume jewelry piece and I want something that will last for years and years from my boyfriend.

    There are a few sterling silver rings that have caught my eye, but this Tiffany pearl bracelet is just...amazing:


    My question is...are pearls too young for a 19 year-old? I don't wear a lot of jewelry; just my promise ring every day and simple crystal studs on most days. I do work part time at a fine dining restaurant as a hostess/supervisor so I do dress up on weekends. What do you think of the bracelet? Do you think it would be too dressy to wear with jeans and a nice top?

    My limit is around $300...most of the other things I looked at are under $300, in the high $200s. This pearl bracelet is $420 CAD so I *may* have trouble getting it.

  2. nope, no way:nogood:
    My 6 yr old DD wears a pearl bracelet and necklace on special occasions, they look perfect w/ almost everything:yes:
  3. I don't think it's the pearls but the clothes that you wear with it that can "age" you. Personally, I'm young and I think pearl necklaces, bracelets, etc. are great! I have this one pearl necklace that rests on my collar bone and I wear it with polos all the time!
  4. No age is too young to wear pearls (unless they are gigantic pearls).
  5. Pearls are great on all ages!
    You know, I think you could probably get a pearl bracelet very similar to that one cheaper somewhere else....Tiffany's is kind of overpriced and they aren't known for quality pearls.
  6. Love it!! That would look so chic with jeans!!
  7. Pearls are for girls of every age! I have always had pearls (freshwater when I was young, to getting my Mikimoto set last year). I wear them casually with t-shirts, or white button down shirt with jeans/boots. They are a no brainer when you need something for that little black dress too.
    The Tiffany's bracelet is beautiful, but take a look at Mikimoto if you have the time to. They really are spectacular.
  8. I agree with the above comment... you could get something very similar elsewhere. That seems like a very high price for a pearl bracelet.
  9. I agree with everyone, I was wearing small pearls when i was very young, you can not be too young or too old to wear pearls, they are classic and look beautiful on everyon or any age! Pearls go perfectly well with causal jeans or look great dressed up as well. Pearls look good with everything imo! I love pearls and when im not wearing my diamond studs I wear pearl studs.
  10. Thanks for the heads up!

    I found cheaper pearls elsewhere, but not sure how good Birks is for their pearls either.

    I live in Canada...anyone know which company in Canada is good for pearls?
  11. No way! Pearls are classic, timeless, ageless which is a rare quality in jewelry.

    If you feel that they may look too old for you, try colored pearls.
  12. Pearls are great for any age. If anything, I think the pearl bracelet is something for a younger person, so it will be perfect on you.

    Not sure about where to go for quality pearls, beyond Mikimoto or Paspaley, obviously, but those will be pretty pricey. I would just have a browse when you're shopping next.
  13. im 20 and i love wearing pearls, and i love the look of pearls...not too many pearls though lol
  14. That bracelet is beautiful. I think it would look great dressed up or down.
  15. Age is nothing but a number anyway. It's how you make it work that's more important! The bracelet is beautiful and you know pearls will never go out of style. They are classy and classic so you can still wear them years from now. Be careful where you look though because cheaper may not always be better. When it comes to pearls you definitely want the quality.