Can you be arrested...

  1. For BUYING fake bags? I think we all know you can get arrested for selling them. However, lately I have been hearing different people around me say that they know of one or two people who got in trouble for BUYING the bags. I think the people were in the process of buying the bags when that particular vendor was busted by the cops or something like that.
  2. i'm pretty sure you can. it is illegal, afterall.
  3. I remember reading that you can get arrested if you own more than 1 fake bag. I have no idea why it's more than 1. Selling is a no brainer.
  4. i think you can... knowingly buying fake purse is illegal, so its like buying drgus or something, dont you think?
  5. I was told by a Coach SA that it's illegal to sell, however, you can buy. It's also illegal to sell for more than retail (like on Ebay).
  6. I have no idea. Luckily I don't have to worry about it. If someone has no clue they are buying a fake I don't think they should be arrested.
  7. That's true. But I think in some situations they have GOT to know there's a STRONG possibility the bag they are buying is fake. Like if they are buying it on Canal Street for instance. :lol:
  8. i have no idea about this rule...
  9. :roflmfao: They really wouldn't have room for them all.

    Oh and another question: can stores call the police on you if you go in with a fake bag and report you for having illegal merchandise? Like LV or Chanel? I saw some HIDEOUS fake Chanels today. It was my first time seeing fake Chanel and it was in a beauty supply store nearby.
  10. I think so. Not sure. I read a post before about someone in AUstralia was in LV and they confiscated her fake and she said it doesn't matter scause she has more at home and they called the police and she was arrested. I can't remember if it was posted here before or on LJ.
  11. i think even if people reported them, the process to sue the store will be long...
    except if you report the FACTORY.
  12. lol Well if it had been in my case if I had purchased a bag on Canal Street before joining this forum I wouldve had NO idea whatsoever :shrugs: I was a huge tomboy all through high school, I knew nothing about bags. I didnt even know there were such things as 'fake' purses!
  13. Yep-in Italy you can be fined.

    Although on every second street in Venice, there was a guy selling fake bags.