Can you bargin with let-trade?

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  1. I have always wondered if can make them an offer and they would take it if it was reasonable offer or is it only the listed price.
  2. I'm interested to know too! :smile:
  3. you can if the offer is resonable of course and they usually ask you to send an e-check in this case =)
  4. Yes you can:smile: Ask him if it is possible to have a discount, which I did the first time and he obliged and lowered the price himself, or offer him a reasonable price and he will accept or haggle a little, which is what I did the 2nd time! The staff is really nice and comprehensive! I have done this on 2 purchases and never had to send an e-check, I dont even know what that is lol, I have paid with paypal!
  5. Good information to know! Thank you!
  6. yep, I've gotten the price lowered a couple times!
  7. e-check is is another form of payment from paypal. i believe the fees are less with e-check and it $ from ur bank account instead of visa.

    so thats why they asked me to do so, maybe the offer was very low there they needed to save on the fees?

    well it doens't hurt to give it a try and offer.
  8. As long as it is a reasonable price they always accept it in my experience, and I have never had to pay via e-check.
  9. I love my LV that I got from Let Trade! I find their prices to be very fair. But everyone loves a discount! Would be nice if he made a deal with you!
  10. Wow I didn't know this. Maybe I paid too much for my Damier Speedy.
  11. Sorry to semi-hijack the thread, but does Ann ( offer discounts? I hope the answer's no, cuz I just bought a bag from her without haggling!
  12. I didn't know they would haggle a bit. Great to know. I do think their prices are good though in my two cases.
  13. wow, wish i would have known this before i bought my reade pm from them! oh well, it was still a good deal especially considering shipping is included (and they ship FAST!)
  14. Well, now that this is public, I am betting that he will stop the discounts and haggle hard since everyone is going to be asking!
  15. Oh no.... :sweatdrop: i wan something from there..:smile: