Can you all help me find a nice elegant, affordable plus sized dress for graduation??

  1. Hi everyone,

    My graduation from the program that I'm participating in is coming up at the end of July. I was faxed a memo today stating that we needed to wear nice clothing (ladies: dresses or skirts) and I have no idea where to start.

    My budget is kind of limited (around $100) and it needs to be a neutral color (black or brown since I have shoes that will match with those colors) since I feel most comfortable in them. In white, I feel like a big white snowball. :yes:

    I've looked around Lane Bryant, Nordstrom, Avenue, etc but haven't really found anything (affordable) that tickled my fancy. Do any of you ladies have any tips? The store can either be located in the US or in Europe, doesn't matter.

    Thank you!

    Oh, PS: I'd prefer a dress that isn't too clingy, since I've still got a belly from having the baby and I don't really feel comfortable having that clung to...So probably an empire waist dress or maybe a wrap dress would be good?

    Thank you :biggrin:
  2. Thank you for the suggestions all! I'm looking through them now :smile:

    As for how formal: I was planning on wearing pearls. A nice traditional outfit. Nothing like prom or a ball, just a nice dress :smile:
  3. wrap dress fo' sho'.

    depending on how plus size you are (the gorgeous girls around here make me feel plus size!), you may get away with a xl at gap or banana republic. there are great wrap dresses at banana.

    just add a necklace, earrings, nice clutch and strappy sandals and you're good to go!

    congrats on graduating!
  4. Depending on the cut, I can still fit into some "normal" clothes - so I'm kind of borderline, know what I mean? I can get away with XL in shirts and stuff at Gap, but it's my bottom that's always the problem. Big butt :sad:

    I was thinking of wearing my mom's pearl necklace with the dress. I won't/can't wear earrings since I don't have them pierced ;) Gotta look for a clutch though - that gives me a good excuse to go bag shopping :biggrin:
  5. hmmm, do you have a Peek & Cloppenburg around? They usually have a really nice and not too expensive formal department :yes:
  6. I bought a cute wrap dress at KOHLS of all places. Im a bigger girl (bout a 16 with a big tummy!) and I was able to even buy a MEDIUM(!!!) in the misses dept since it was stretchy.
  7. i would try out H&M and Kaufhof ladies section. P&C is a`good idea as well. depending on the weather I would personally go for a coat/ dress combo! i think a wrap dress is a good idea. I would advise going against a too loose dress as it might just emphasise what you would prefer not to emphasise.

    if you are not crazy about a wrap dress, I would consider a nice skirt/ top/ coat combo - I would go for brown in general - it is very classy, especially teamed with pearls.
  8. :tup: Amen to that!

    Also, check out C&A :p I know most of their stuff is super cheap and sadly a lot of it looks like it too (especially the stuff targeted at teens :push:smile:, but sometimes there are some real gems hidden between that. :yes: They currently have some super cute wrap dresses in their "formal" section and also an amazing neckholder dress for only about 40€ :sweatdrop: I was going to get that for Dave's prom but then decided against that. Lucky me, as there were 3 girls with that dress that evening :roflmfao:
  9. Thanks everyone!!

    I ordered a dress from Old Navy as a backup, but am going to go to Nuernberg & Erlangen (on the way!) tomorrow to check out the things there. I'll definitely pop into Peek & Cloppenburg while in Erlangen since I don't know where the one in N. is - if there even is one!

    I did look around Kaufhof, but the one in Wuerzburg didn't have that great of a selection. C&A wasn't all that great in Wuerzburg either - like you said Mara, they really only had things directed at teens or at grandmothers there :sad:

    I was at H&M a few weeks ago, and was pretty darn disappointed in their selection for this season. :push:

    Here's the dress I ordered from Old Navy:


    ...From the manequin picture, it looks like it would work well for me, since it will hide a bit of my baby belly that I've still got. The good thing about Old Navy is, is that I can return it if I don't like it or find another dress that's better!

    The shoes I plan to wear with it:

  10. Have you tried Torid?
  11. nice choice! will look great with the shoes.

    good luck dress hunting and good that you have a back up!