Can you all educate a Balenciaga newbie?

  1. So I am still fairly new to the B-bag craze, what I want to know is what are the hard to find colors from seasons past and how does the leather vary from year to year?

    I take it that the S/S 06 leathers were not very good? Which season is considered to have had the best leather? What should I be looking for if I am now interested in older Balenciaga bags?

  2. the leather... umm... situation goes something like this- it is best to feel and look at the leathers in person to decide for yourself which season's leather you like. some people like the 06 leather, some dont, some only like s/s04 leather, some only like 03 leather... and so on. it is all a matter of personal preference, which is why I cant answer which is "better" than another.

    but I can offer you a link to an invaluable resource set up by one of our PF cohorts. atelier.naff to look at styles, colors, examples and just about everything about Balenciaga. :love:

    good luck! and welcome to the beginning of an ever increasing credit card balance.
  3. I have not felt the 03 leather, but can comment on the 04, 05 and 06. The 04 is the softest of the lot. It is so beautiful! My 05 is also very soft, but not as buttery as the 04. The 06 is still stiff on the newer bags. It is my opinion that with use the 06 is going to get softer and softer. It is starting to happen on my Rouille and Grey. On the grey where the glaze (for want of a better word) has worn off, the leather is as soft as my 05. And on my Cornflower tassels where the glaze was not applied, the leather is super soft and thick, where the bottom is thin and shiny. I believe it is the treatment that applies the glaze that makes the leather feel thinner and once the glaze has worn off, the leather will feel nicer. Who knows, in 08 we will be going crazy over the softness of the 06 leathers!

    A lot of people felt that the 06 leathers were not as smooth, thick and matte as the previous years and too "veiny", again, I think this is going to go away with use and the bags will just look very distressed.

    You will pretty much have to scour eBay for the older bags! If you have questions about authenticity, please feel free to post in the thead at the top of the Balenciaga page. The ladies are lovely and helpful and you could score a great bag.

    I wish you well,

  4. Hi cilla,
    Ditto the other responses, and also I think just because a bag is older, doesn't mean you will love it more than a new bag. I have just acquired a 2004 bag, and already own a couple of 2005 bags. But I love my 2006 Cornflower, as much as the others! If you want a bag to use and enjoy, I say just buy what you like. If you are looking for an investment, then certainly the older the better.
    I also think that the glazing on the new leathers will eventually break down and those of us with 2006 bags will have wonderful, soft leather. I think a lot of us haven't held onto our bags long enough to see that happen, as yet! LOL!
    Good luck on your hunt!
  5. Wow thanks for all the info it is much appreciated.
  6. I just wanted to add that while a lot of people here like the older leathers better, there are also lots of fans of the 06 "shiny and veiny" leather.(Just ask Aallabama, right lady?) I had one Balenciaga seller explain that the 06 leather is actually quite good-- that Balenciaga managed to make thinner leather beautiful too... and that like Bridget said, one day people will be lusting after the 06 leather like they are the 03, 04 leathers now. I thought that was an interesting take on things. When I purchased an 06 bag, I had specifically asked for the smoothest leather possible. And I know most people here want the less veiny bags, but there are lots that like those, too. I guess what I'm saying is veins/shiny doesn't always = "non-desirable bag." It's all up to the owner :smile:
  7. Thank you TTucker. I really adore my 06 ink first but it is the only b-bag I currently have so I have nothing to compare her to. I am enjoying her very much though.:yes:
  8. Thanks for saying that, TTucker! Actually, I think some colors look MORE interesting with the newer type of leather. It's a design element all it's own. Sometimes I think we need to start using our bags more, instead of just buying and selling them (I include myself in this, BTW).
  9. i have a 2002-2005's b-bags, and personally i like my '04 better.
    BUT the '04 too have different leather in different color, i don't know is it because i wear the other one more often so it's getting more soft & buttery or not :P
    i feel my eggplant is the buttery and creamiest from my other 04 bags.
    and '02 is also soft & buttery, and i especially love the smell
    the '03 is also nice leather
    the '05 is nice too, at first it's still a little stiff, but after use, it's getting as soft and buttery as the '05
    i personally don't like the '06 leather though.

    i agree with soem of the girls, it's better to feel it your self, because it's totally different in every bag, even the same season has different leathers feel.

    you can see some of the close up leather in b-bags from 02-05 in my blog at bag craze
    i put some of my b-bags and took a close up picture to show the difference of the leather.

    g luck dear :P
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