Can you access Revolve Clothing?

I was getting worried too.

Btw, I have to say they have the most amazing customer service. I've exchanged jeans twice, and they've been nothing but helpful and even sent my final pair to me overnight free because I'm travelling and need to get them adjusted before I go.
I just went on and they said it will be another couple of hours before they get it up! Wow imagine how much business they lost!!?? I miss them , they have been down for a couple of days already!!
Ohh now I get this message...

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties, and our server will be down for several hours. If you have any questions, you may call customer service at 888-442-5830. We will take down your information, then call you back when our server is ready.

Thank you


Wow, if they actually do call people back, that is AMAZING customer service. revolve is the best!!

oh and no problem Liya, I thought it was my comp too!