Can White/Cream Bag Ever Gets Better With Age ?

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  1. Do you think a well cared for soft leather white/cream bag will ever look better with age like other colour (such as tan) or will it just look dirty and worn in the long run ?

    I really really want a white bag but I am really scared of purchasing one in case I get paranoid while using it !
  2. I'm not sure about the getting better with age, but honey, life is short. Buy what you love and use it with joy (and reasonable, commonsense care.)
  3. I totally agree with Isabellam. Buy what you love. I really don't know if it will get worse or better. I am thinking worse.
  4. i don't think they get better with age. i've seen worn white leather bags, and then of course the ones that turn keeps me from buying an expensive white bag! i'd rather buy beige if i need/want a light bag.
  5. how would they get better with age? they either stay in the same shape or get worse, unless its a highly sought after bag that will be a good investment (very rare...)
  6. If you love a white bag, buy it and enjoy it.. nothing stays perfect...
  7. for years i do not buy expensive white bags. recently i've been longing for it again than i remember those old times when i carry white color department store bag it look so pretty. just yesterday i decided to find 1 and add into my rotation :yes:. agree with above posts that life is short and nothing stays perfect
  8. They do not age well at all. I have a lovely white (or rather, was white) Marni that is now totally YELLOW and you could never tell it was ever white. I don't like reminders that nothing stays perfect since I get reminded of that from other avenues too! So I stay clear of white bags since!
  9. I think some bags can look better as they age for sure, but I don’t think white bags fall into this category. That said, I think white bags are really lovely, and if you find one you like, I’d say go for it! At the same time, I know sometimes people buy bags and then don’t use them because they are too afraid to mess them up, so make sure this wouldn’t be the case.

    I have a white bag that I just love. Haven’t used her yet, as I bought her to be a summer bag. I’m just going to baby her more than some of my other bags, and if I ever feel like I’m not getting enough use to justify keeping her, I’ll sell or gift her.
  10. Totally agree with this as well! I have a small Chloe Betty and Martine Sitbon overnighter both in cream and adore them...I am pretty careful, but my plan is to have them dyed if they ever get worse for wear (I have a friend who swears by this- all her quality boots and leather shoes eventually get dyed black- :P)
    If you find a great leather repair/dye person it should only be around $150, unless you are brave enough to try it yourself...there are lots of threads on dying bags if you do a search!
  11. I have a tan bag that gets better with age as it just look more vintage and lovely.

    I will buy the white bag anyway I think and dye it with fun colours when it gets dirty !

    I am thinking PINK or PURPLE as the bag is a very summery leather tote but we'll see ....

    I think this plan will actually encourage me to use it more often LOL !
  12. The color isn't the thing that matters. You should choose a bag that suits you best.
  13. i love white bags! there's something so crisp and summery about them. but i always exercise a little more caution when carrying light-coloured bags because they do get worse with wear...i absolutely agree with thedseer, if you buy a white bag (esp. if it's a pricier one), make sure you'll actually wear it out! it's no fun letting a gorgeous bag waste away in your closet because you're worried it'll get dirty.
  14. I think if you use appropriate products to protect it so it doesnt pick up dirt, then you will be golden.
  15. White - well, with an epsom-like leather - you can keep it developing a patina evenly.

    Ivory gradually deepens into a champagne colour.

    If you love it - carry it.