Can we use PCE on already purchases items ?

  1. Does anyone know if we can use pce on already purchased unused items. I bought a pair of sunglasses in Hawaii for $218.00 on the website they are $ 50.00 less. I plan on going down to Lynnwood Wash. to get a price adjustment but I thought I would wait for a possible PCE in the mail .That way it would make the day trip worth it. Do you think they would let me use it on the sunglasses? I only bought shoes & sunglasses in Hawaii the bags are more expensive.Any comments you have are greatly appreciated Joanne
  2. Doesn't hurt to ask. As long as you still have the receipt, they may do it for you. Good luck!
  3. Today my SA said that she would do a price adjustment on new unused merchandise with receipt.
  4. You should definitely try. Hey money saved, is money saved.
  5. Thank you I'm going to go down & get the price difference on the sunglasses.I have the receipt & haven't worn the them. If I get a PCE i'm going to get the Bleeker flap in signature with white or red trim . I saw it in Hawaii it is so nice I can't help it I'm a Coachaholic........