Can we talk about the new Fall Legacy Leather Rory Satchel?

  1. So, I keep reading posts about this particular bag and seeing pics and I am so undecided about it. First, I gotta be honest, I thought it was a bit ugly. Stuffed, it looks like a square bag with handles. But then, I saw pics and reveals where it had a nice slouch and it was really lovely. I want a cognac/brown bag this year and I was thinking of getting one but the thing that is holding me back is the way the long strap is attached by buckles and not a clip of any type. The hardware and zippers on these new Legacy bags is so nice and I wish Coach would make more bags with long straps attached by the dogleash clips. Those are so nice especially when made with really strong hardware. They allow the strap to swivel a bit, if you know what i mean, and move with you. I feel like the long strap on this bag would move awkwardly. :thinking:

    How is everyone feeling about this bag? I would love to hear thoughts from those who have it or are planning to get it.

    Also, I am trying to decide between the Rory in Cognac (pictured first) or the J.Crew leather Brompton Hobo in Henna. I would love to hear all of your opinions or votes on which you love more! I am so undecided ( as usual ;))

    bag3.jpg bag2.jpg
  2. Another pic of the J.Crew bag worn with long strap
  3. Sorry, here it is!
  4. Oh gosh they are both gorgeous. Is the J Crew attached the same? It's hard to see the photos of the connection point. If you love them both, I'd think the Coach's good customer service would sway me to the Coach side of the decision. Love the color and the tassle! And the slouch is cool in your photos.
  5. They are both beautiful bags!
    From what I see, the biggest difference is the shape. The JCrew has a rounded look, while the Coach is more rectangular--which do you prefer?

  6. Coach's CS is great. Here is a larger pic of J.Crew's bag. I just don't know. I want to go with the Rory but that long strap is what throws me off and that is how I would carry it mostly....hmm..
  7. First...I am a sucker for brown bags in this shade so to me, they are both gorgeous.

    I also have the Rory in cobalt. I ordered her without ever seeing one in person. When she first arrived she was stiff and I also thought that she was too boxy and I was missing the slouch that I love. But the color and richness of the leather kept me intrigued although I didn't cut the tags. I held onto her and ordered another bag to compare them. I actually drove to my store to return the Rory (along with the other bag and was going to just start over) but as poor Rory sat there on the counter I really had feelings of regret and I packed her back up and took her home. At this point, I wasn't happy with how she looked when I carried her as a satchel because she was so boxy. BUT....later that day, a lovely fellow coachie (shout out to cupcake617!!) posted a pic of her Rory with the long strap doubled and then worn as a shoulder bag and I about fainted...she was perfect. So I did the same to mine and I haven't stopped carrying her since.

    The one thing I don't like about this bag though is the's black. I use a purse organizer that is beige so I don't have a problem finding things though. I do like that it's a thicker cotton lining because it's easier to keep clean than the silky linings.

    All in all, I can see myself with this bag for years to come and she's the kind that will only get better with age. I am also in love with the cognac color and will probably get another Rory in that color too.

    One more thing....I also love how the Rory hangs when it's carried only by the long has a nice slouch there too and doesn't look folded up, or awkward. The hardware is sturdy and the bag is proportioned well so it's not an awkward hang.

  8. Thank you for your reply. I too can see pretty much only carrying her with the longer strap. I ordered the black leather legacy pilot duffle a month back and the interior was black too. I didn't like that at all. I believe the cognac has tan lining which is nice. Does the buckle attachment on the long strap feel awkward at all?
  9. The buckle on the side only feels awkward when carried by the short straps because the buckle doesn't allow the long handle to swing downward. But when carried by the long strap then it doesn't bother me at all. If I were to carry it by the short straps most of the time, then I would just remove the long strap completely.
  10. Great information on this bag. I'm glad we started this thread. I am thinking of getting a rory but will probably wait to see this bag IRL. The cognac color is gorgeous though. I too want SOMETHING in this beautiful color.
  11. I ordered this bag and ended up sending it back. The imprinted *Coach* on the front instead of a regular metal emblem was a deal breaker for me. I personally thought it cheapened the look of the bag. I loved the leather though.
  12. Has anyone bought or ordered the ocelot rory?
  13. Wow, i love the look of the cognac satchel! Is that available to order now? If so, does anyone know the item number and cost?

    I was holding out for the black/camel textured leather, but now i'm not sure... Does anyone know when that will be available to order?
  14. Just ordered it. Not coming till Tue or Wed though. Le Sigh!
  15. Have you seen IRL? Someone said they didn't think it was worth the money: thin ocelot fabric, etc. it was in fall bag thread. I guess you saw the post and you're not worried :smile: I think it's really cute!