Can we talk about Michael Kors MFF and Boutique?

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  1. I was wondering what the difference is? How can I tell what is factory and what is boutique?
    I've seen bags with linings that are a solid white/cream color, some that are black with a monogram that says michael kors, some that say kors with a circle around it and are cream...
    Do Kors bags not have a creed?
    Somebody said that MK has some bags from the collection that have been made into a cheaper version.... which bag was that? The ID chain line?
  2. I'd like to know as well because my first two MK came from the outlet and I have no idea if they are MFF or not. Also, I'm looking to up the ante for my next MK bag, but maybe it's not worth it because I have no complaints about the bag I got from the outlet.
  3. I went to the outlet to get some info.

    The SA was not very forthright about MFF vs boutique. I knew more than her lol. She told me she didn't know that the lines in the outlet mirrored those in the boutique. :-s O-kay. She said that all the bags in there are specifically outlet bags. There are two bags at the outlet I'm interested in, so I just concentrated on them, but I did check out all bags they had there. There were no boutique bags. By 'boutique' bags, I mean bags that are a step up from the MFF version.

    Boutique bags have linen lining, MK in a circle logo.
    MFF bags have satin lining, Michael Kors name pattern.

    Boutique bags have a key clasp inside.

    Boutique bags are made with a better grade of leather.

    Boutique bags have dust bags.

    ~But, you can find some 'MFF' bags at retail stores. The best thing is to check the inside. If you have your heart set on the key clasp, check for it. If you see the linen lining, there should be one.

    ~Getting a dust bag is a crap shoot at discount retailers cuz, well, people are jerks and steal them.

    I went to the outlet first and noticed every bag was a copycat. They had: ID Chain Hobos, ID Chain Satchels, Layton Satchels and Shoulders, Astor ring handle Totes, Delancey Tote, Gansvoort N/S Totes, Fulton E/W Totes and MD Hobos, Items Totes N/S and E/W, a section of siggie bags and Hamiltons E/W Satchels. Some of these were 20%, and some were not on sale. In the clearance 75% off, Beverly Shoulder, Marina Cheetah, and two others I can't remember the names, sorry....
    They have wallets, card holders, etc. No wristlets though. And no 'deletes' or boutique version bags/ linen lining bags.

    Two bags I would like are the Layton & Astor Tote. The Layton was $269 :huh: and the Astor was $299!!! :amazed: Hell to the no! Not for MFF. Trotted over to Off Saks and they had TONS of MK. ID Chain, Austins, Layton Shoulders, Jennings and some sig. They were marked about 25% off MSRP, and they had a sale that all MK were 25% off. Much better deals at Off Saks. Then I scooted over to Last Call. They had a lot of Layton Shoulders, Delancey, siggie stuff, etc. My guess is they were about 30% off MSRP and they were on sale on top of that, too. Oh, and most of them had MFF lining. Just to confuse you. It will be very hard to try to figure out what bags come in what colors, too. I saw a Layton Shoulder in Dark Purple and had no clue it came in that color! Probably certain stores might get different colors that may or not be available online. In other words, MK will not be easy to figure out like Coach. I would love a Dark Purple Layton Satchel, but that will be like searching for a needle in a haystack, KWIM?

    Summary: The outlet is not a bargain IMO. Check Off Saks, Last Call, etc. before heading to the outlet, or factory store, or whatever you want to call it. ;)
  4. Okay, I've seen the abbreviation "MFF" everywhere! What does it stand for?
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    Last edited: Oct 23, 2010
    "Made for Factory" (MFF)

    I guess that this means they are styles or variations made only for sale in the factory stores. Can't get them elsewhere.

    OK having read the previous post more closely...I realize this is not entirely correct....sometimes they're found in other stores (though not sure how that happens....)

    Need help from the more experienced shoppers.....

    Hope this helps.
  6. MFF = Made For Factory

    I don't mean to confuse you when I say MFF and Boutique. I just don't know what else to call these two clearly different types of bags. The bags that are in the outlet ALL have the satin lining. The bags at Saks, etc. can be a mixture of the satin lining and linen. What else can we call them? :shrugs: MK probably makes different bags for department stores, kind of like Coach does. I noticed a few colors of Coach Gallery bags that I never saw before at Off Saks, too. But, they looked like Coach MFF bags.

    It's a case of buyer beware. Especially when buying bags off of ebay. If you see a bag with no pics of the inside, ask the seller what the interior looks like and if it has a key clasp. Also, the 'boutique' bags go for more on ebay in my observations.
  7. ^^I purchased a walnut suede Uptown Astor Tote in from the MK boutique and it has satin lining with the MK circle logo plus the MK charm.

    I just bought a Layton Leather Hobo from a department store and it has the linen lining with the MK circle logo plus the MK charm.

    Both bags have the key clasp.

    Both bags have the MK circle charm.

    Neither of these bags are MFF bag so the satin lining does not automatically = MFF.

    But, most of the MFF bags I have seen had MK name spelled out--not the MK circle logo.

    The outlets definitely have outlet quality bags. I've gone in and looked and been disappointed with the quality. And, like Aunt Flo pointed out, what's the point in buying a MFF bag when you can get a MK boutique bag for the same price (or less!)?

    The MK outlet at Cabazon gets boutique transfers. But, they are the "left-over" bags that did not sell in the MK boutiques during the 'sale' and were priced similar to what the boutique was selling them for on sale.


  8. Agreed. I did see a Layton Bronze Satchel that had satin lining/MK circle pattern. Was thinking that the metallic bags had that type of lining, but guess that's wrong.

    The satin lining may actually be better in terms of wear. Both my Astor & Layton have a small 'pull' and I have no idea how it happened. :Push:

    Haven't seen any transfers/deletes at the outlet in Woodbury. It's possible resellers may snag them up first thing.
  9. ITA. I have browsed the MK outlet several times and have been disappointed....even with the sunglasses.....when I asked to see a certain pair, the SA opened a drawer full of sunglasses with all the sunglasses laying there on top of eachother....I went thru 8 of them and each one was scratched due to how they are stored.....I will only buy sunglasses thru Michael Kors or a dept store for the bags, I didnt care for the quality of them....some looked "plasticky" to me.....but that is just ME. I always leave there very disappointed though :sad:
  10. This almost makes me happy that the only place I can buy MK is at my MK boutique - it may be pricier but at least I know for sure what I'm getting.

    I too was very unimpressed with the outlet.
  11. I have Hamilton purple color from MFF.
    I love Hamilton style but the leather looks cheap.
    But hamilton from MFF is so much better quality leather than boutique.
    And more organizied inside.
    Price was 348. it is more expensive than boutique hamilon.
    I got it at 268.
    Anyway, satin lining with michael kors name and no dust bag and michael kors name on outside buckle ( not mk circle logo).
  12. I have to say that I agree on the quality of the Hamilton leather I saw at the outlet vs. what I see in boutiques and retail stores ( Nordstrom, etc). I love the silver lock detail but IMO, the aubergine Hamilton I got from the outlet is a higher quality leather than the current purple version in retail stores. Ditto with the other colors.

    There are some bags at the outlet that don't bowl me over but there are several styles are really well done, very nice leather, beautiful lining, etc. I think that the factory issue is harder to 'pull apart' than say, Coach. For me, I can really tell the difference between Coach MFF and boutique.
  13. I am still confused. I thought that the satin lining with the circle and MK inside is FP. Also, the linen/solid colored interior is FP and usually the designer line.... and the satin lining with "michal kors" written over and over is the MFF?
  14. I am looking for a Gansvoort.. In the outlets are they MFF OR FP? and what is the differance between the two?
  15. I agree, eurekahj & TejasMama. There are bags at the outlet that are fantastic. The leather on the Laytons are excellent, but on the Python Fultons, not so much.

    muranogrl - you could get either or from some department stores. Just check inside the lining, especially if the key clasp is important to you.

    Sqeaky00 - yes they do have Gansevoorts and they are super fabulous bags!!! They had the totes at my outlet, and they had a different lining, the satin. If you look on Nordstroms website they have both types of linings.

    This tote has the linen lining.'gansevoort_-_large'_tote:304007&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:trackingCode=D94BBAAF-1A91-DF11-9DA0-002219319097&mr:referralID=NA

    The satchel does not. Notice the lining difference?'gansevoort_-_large'_shoulder_satchel:311838&cm_ven=Froogle&mr:trackingCode=D34BBAAF-1A91-DF11-9DA0-002219319097&mr:referralID=NA