can we talk? about deoderant?

  1. I'm having trouble w/ deoderant lately. Not w/ it's effectiveness but with the stains it leaves behind!
    I was using Dove b/c it really does improve the appearance of your armpits! It must really moisturize. So, then I realized it was making my fave white t-shirts icky: stiff, cakey and stained. I'm not putting a ton on but it doesn't ever seem to dry.
    So I switched to Degree and their slogan is "Little Black Dress Approved", nope! It'd the same as Dove.
    So, then I switched to Secret clear gel and I'm back to ugly armpits!:yucky:
    I have to wear a dress w/ spaghetti straps Dec. 29! :s
    Does anyone else have this experience w/ deoderants??
    Does anyone have any suggestions?:shrugs:
    Help! TIA!
  2. Have you tried a clear gel deodorant, e.g. Mitchum?

    Certain Dri is good too.
  3. I just saw a story about this on the Today show. Of all the items they tested Mitchum was the only one that didn't leave stains behind. I have switched and do have to say that once you apply it you have to wait about 5 minutes for it to dry before putting your shirt on and then it's great!!
  4. I'm having problems also. I just Lady's Speed stick and hopefully it will past my test. I used to use this for years but I got really bored of it. I found Dove to be too moisturizing and it makes me sweat more.
    Then I tried more higher end brands and enjoyed the different scents, but they do not stop you from sweating.
  5. Degree Ultra Clear!!!! I LOVE IT!
  6. My favorite is Kiehl's Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant & Deodorant Cream. It's moisturizing but it's not sticky, and it never gets dry or cakey.
  7. Dove helps the appearance?
  8. I don't think so
  9. To me, the clear and roll-ons were too sticky. And all the others get caked on my armpits too ... not to mention the stains they leave on my white shirts.

    My advice: Just don't raise your arms. ;)
  10. I also love Kiehl's deodorant.
  11. love the fresh sugar deodorant - never any streaks/lines/marks and smells great!
  12. I used Dove for awhile. It did make my skin feel nice, but it seemed like it never dried on my skin and I hate that sticky feeling!

    Degree Ultra Clear goes on nice and dry and it doesn't streak, but something about it doesn't work with my body chemistry and I end up smelling kind of funky :s

    Certain dri works well, but it irritates my skin like crazy. It's unscented and you have to put it on at night. I found that I missed the fresh deodorant feeling in the morning. It just didn't seem right...

    I've tried pretty much everything at one time, but I always go back to Secret. I've used the aerosol spray, the clear gel, the regular solid and it all works well for me. My new favorite is Secret Platinum Invisible Solid in jasmine orient. It works really well and I looooove the scent! :nuts:
  13. Fresh Sugar-Roll On !
  14. Has anyone noticed that the "anti-white-marks" deodorants seem to have a bit of a funny smell?

    I've tried Dove and it was ok in terms of white marks (still some residue on my black shirt) but more annoying was the smell! Everytime I moved i got this whiff of saltiness (and yes, I'm sure it wasn't me LOL).
  15. Personally, I use the combination of two deodorants and it works wonderfully. Certain Dri (twice a week) at night and Fresh Sugar Roll-On in the morning.