Can we start a STICKY with pics of the different prints of Tokidoki??

  1. I think we need a sticky of the different prints that Tokidoki were made in. And different styles of items that came in the prints. For instance, I have a Ciao and a Denaro in pirata, so I would post those.
  2. or have a post of strictly pictures for each style of post for all Zuccas, all Dolces..i think it'll be helpful when we just wanna take a glance at all the different bags ^^
  3. I think it would also help when people want to buy a bag but aren't sure if it is a real Tokidoki print or not.
  4. There is something like this already with the older prints that Lambfashionista did. It is under the thread "Tokidoki Bag Archive" and you click on her blog link.
  5. They should make that one a sticky then b/c if no one responds to it, it will start to get lost. I can still see it in the forum topic section though.
  6. It's in the Authenticating Tokidoki thread. First post.