Can we start a Chanel Sighting thread ?

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  1. I got this from the balenciaga thread.

    Is it possible to start a Chanel sighting thread?

    I went to Tyson's Corner last night in virginia and I saw a couple of ladies with Chanel's.
    I was wondering if any of them were TPFers.

    Just bag sightings though, keep it simple.....

    What do you ladies think?
  2. oo i like this idea! ..i haven't seen anyone with Chanel...just fake cambon
  3. Yea, I think it would be really fun
  4. I agree! I raised this a while ago- is fun on the bal forum. :smile:
  5. Petite Asian girl with navy metallic reissue and white J12 shopping @ saks NYC 8th floor shoe department with pretty pregnant girl
  6. Lots of fake cambon bags on highschool girls.
  7. Can the mods make this a formal thread? Or should we just start posting our sightings?
  8. Where:

    Should we use this format?
  9. Yes... pretty please, mods? ;)

    I would LOVE this, since I live in L.A. I spot Chanels every now and then. I have actually come across a tPF-er back in the day, but didn't know it until we happened to come across it on the forum.

    Your format looks good, Biondina1003!! Nice and concise!
  10. Where: College!
    When: Today
    Who: A girl
    What: Vintage Chanel flap
    ME: What I was wearing?? patent black Ritz!
  11. Where: Bloomingdales Century City
    When: Today, March 27, 2008
    Who: 2 separate women on separate floors
    What: Both carrying "Pocket in the City" brown totes

    I hope I filled this out right!!!
  12. Where: Orange County Performing Arts Center
    When: a couple weeks ago (I don't go out much LOL! This was my most recent sighting!)
    Who: asian lady in her 30's
    What: medium black lambskin flap silver hw and I think a Chanel coat too
    ME: mini black lambskin flap silver hw
  13. where:Paragon mall, singapore
    when: 24th march
    who:european lady with a svelte figure
    what: chanel sunnies with diMONTE LOGO, Chanel lambskin black jumbo, chanel hairclip, chanel ballerinas and a silver chanel loop belt!
    Me: Chanel medium black flap gold hw
  14. where: outside fasion show mall, las vegas
    when: a couple wks ago
    who: blonde, early/mid 30's?
    what: white med classic flap w/ sh (worn w/ jeans, orange top & white tory burch flats)
    me: black pst w/ gh
  15. Hopefully we don't always have to wearing Chanel in the ME Section...:supacool: