Can we say ADDICTION?

  1. I'm going out of my mind here! May 10 (Spiaggia release date) can't come soon enough! I'm itching for some Tokidoki release!!! I've read through all my toki sites.. searched up and down eBay... and all other toki retailers and there's just nothing out right now that i'm "Dying" for...except for things that I have no way of getting right now, which are:
    1. an xl storm hoodie (which I doubt will even fit my gi-normous pregnant tummy.. but you can bet that i'll throw down the cash if one came within my reach!)
    2. Spiaggia Zucca
    3. Mozzerella plush
    4. A momobella necklace (but i'm hoping i'll be given that as a mother's day present!)

    I'm afraid i'm going to have to do some impulse buying soon!

  2. there are a few ( think 2) xl women's storm hoodie's on eBay with reasonable BIN prices 70-90 i believe!

    i want one but don't think I can wear a woman's xl as I hear they run so snug.
  3. Haha, I've been stuck to ebay for a week now trying to get an amore, I'm so desperate by now that I'm looking for ANYTHING to buy, don't care what, thought about the hoodie too but it's so hot now.
    I'm not usualy an impulse buyer, but I just feel the nEED to shop.

    I think it's borderline addiction. :shrugs:
  4. there was an AMORE BV with a BIN of 129 and no one got it, I posted it the other day but it ended :sad:
  5. I saw it (obviously :shame:smile:, but they didn't ship internationally.
  6. aww :sad: sorry!

    I wanted it, but I'm trying to responsible with my money and wait until I either sell things on ebay to make purchases or get paid Monday...Monday's pay day comes first, hehe.
  7. I'm addicted but I try to pretty much only get one style in each print. I was thinking of getting a paradiso campeggio so that I could get more of the print cuz I only have a bella ... my family, friends and coworkers want to stage an intervention to make me stop buying tokis. I try explaining tho that compared to everyone else in the forum I don't have that much but that argument doesn't hold with them .. lol
  8. I don't have the money but I'm still gonna buy it if I find one that's really pretty in a reasonable price.

    For some reason all the BV's have the dog either on both sides of the front, or in the middle really high or really low, I want them right in the middle!
    It's kinda weird.

    Everybody calls me "addicted" and I only have my first bag coming soon.
    I'm kinda obsessed with finding stuff to buy though, even though I don't buy them. boohoooooo. :crybaby:
  9. play off of what you have, so when you get something new confuse them...say oh, you saw this one last week...I totally do that with the bf. hehe.
  10. I'm still trying to find an XL MENS storm hoodies for my BF... he keeps getting jealous everytime i wear mine! :p

    definitely can't wait for Spiaggia - esp since its SUPPOSED to be featured through Lesportsac stores & the website, meaning its SUPPOSED to be easier for us addicts to get our hands on!

    i want to see the new styles too!!!

    oo and the plushies! can't wait to curl up with a plush mozzarella & sandy at nite! (still wish they were making a plush bastardino; the 3D fattness, cuteness and plushiness would be too much to handle! :nuts: )
  11. Ack! I didn't know about plushies!!! Does that mean I'm a Toki failure? :wtf: I'm still on the lookout for a men's XL hoodie myself. But I finally got my Amore Zucca the other day from Pulse, so that's one less obsession haunting my mind:upsidedown:
  12. I feel pretty good about myself. I haven't bought toki in about a week. LOLz. But, stuff still coming in from eBay -- just waiting for my latte.
  13. i'm so excited for the upcoming release as well. i use to think that they were being released to quickly, but i'm finding that every 4 -6 weeks is perfect actually.
  14. There were still storm hoodies at Metropark in Vegas Fashion Show Mall when I was there last weekend. Don't know what sizes they had, but there were 3 or 4 of them.
  15. haha. Total addiction. My drug. I think when the bags end I will go through withdrawal.