Can we really trust My Poupette Sellers?


Dec 30, 2005
I found this comment on re: authentication. Is this true????

MyPoupette membership means nothing
MyPoupette sellers are supposedly certified as selling only authentic designer goods. MyPoupette now offers a for-fee service for authenticating Balenciaga as well as Louis Vuitton. Nonetheless, some MyPoupette "recommended sellers" do sell replicas, and the organization is not known for its swift and ruthless enforcement of rules among its members (i.e. it will likely ignore your complaint).

The MyPoupette logo means even less
Some replica-sellers boldly place the MyPoupette logo in their auction listings. It's not linked to the list of recommended sellers, but how many buyers really click and check, do you think?
Wow! I have often wondered about this. I'm not saying the mgt. at Poupette would purposely recommend a seller that they knew sold fakes but I have wondered if maybe those sellers send real pics to Poupette or otherwise make Poupette think that they only sell authentics and p. recommends them. I don't know but thanks for bringing this up.
I'm just really curious about this, not because I've bought anything from a My Poupette Recommended Seller. I didn't even know what one was till I found this site. And I've been an Ebayer for years! I guess, I was just so impressed how everyone on this forum was so SURE of My Poupette and would make comments like "it must be real, the seller is a My Poupette recommended seller!" when someone would ask if something looked real. I thought to myself "MY GOSH WHAT CONFIDENCE THESE PEOPLE HAVE ON THIS ORGANIZATION!" I mean There are SOOO many fakes on Ebay that it was refreshing to know that there was some people who were selling "authentic" handbags and a company "authenticating" them. A company fellow purse lovers knew so much about and felt so much confidence in. Fake handbags are so real looking nowadays! I'm not talking about your run of the mill fakes, I'm talking about the ULTRA exact mirror images ones. How do we really know that's not what people are buying? I don't think I'll take a chance on any My Poupette recommended seller after reading that blog though, esp. since you've all commented on these particular sellers' high prices too. Too many great fakes out there and TOO many crooks!
What fakes are MPRS sellers selling? That comment doesn't give any examples. Why would an MPRS sell fakes, when My Poupette is an organization that is against all fakes, not just LV? If that's true, then it's very disappointing. I bought my Speedy from a seller who had purchased it from an MPRS. I do believe that these recommended sellers sell authentic LVs.

A lot of scammers put My Poupette logos on their auctions to fool bidders. I know that to become an MPRS, you have to have sold at least 35 authentic LV bags. Potential buyers should do their research first and check the My Poupette site before bidding to make sure that seller is listed. If they don't, then I might sound mean here, but that is their fault for not doing proper research before buying on eBay.
I read the above quote from a blog that was listed under "sellers watch forum" on how to avoid buying fakes. The article is about fake handbags on Ebay and how just because an Ebay seller claims to be a MPRS doesn't mean they are selling "authentic" handbags.
i've heard of MPRS selling fakes before, either knowingly or unknowingly. ultimately, MP is vouching for the honesty of a businessperson that they don't *really* know, so eventually someone is going to slip through the cracks, and it's important to be vigilant with your ebaying and make sure that you don't take a MPRS sticker as an automatic guarantee of an authentic bag.

i've also heard of people that just put the image on their site without ever even contacting MP, so i'm always ridiculously careful with my research. the blog that that comes from, by the way, is immensely helpful in searching for balenciaga on ebay. she does her research.
These are some good points - especially about fake sellers claiming they are My Poupette recommended. It may take some extra clickage - but ALWAYS check.

No organization is ever perfect, and a fake has probably slipped by from a "recommended" seller. By buying from only recommended sellers, though, you are vastly improving your odds of getting the real deal.

For your own piece of mind always check any LV bag you buy on eBay - the great part about this forum is that you can post pictures and the genius expert ladies here respond quickly and well.
The whole concept of My Poupette is a complete and total sham:

Cristina said:
I know that to become an MPRS, you have to have sold at least 35 authentic LV bags.

How on god's green earth can anyone prove or disprove the validity of that?
And you pay them a fee for what exactly? To use their logo? Who exactly authorizes them? Paying them a fee also puts them at a huge conflict of interest.

I've also heard the same thing about them, that some people have caught their "approved" sellers selling fakes, and they have been indifferent to complaints.

Just Like Ebay.
From the My Poop-ette site where they SELL their book for $20:

>> While Poupette's Guide cannot guarantee you won&#8217;t fall prey to some of the fakes being auctioned out there, it has helped steer many people away from trouble! <<

Ok by omission, they are admitting outright they aren't verifiable experts, and they don't have a definitive knowledge.

Nowhere on the site does it even explain how or where they can claim to be authorities on this topic. Why, just because they've BOUGHT A LOT of bags??

I guess anyone nowadays can hang a shingle outside their front door and call themselves an expert at anything. Hell, look at george w bush, every business he ever ran or owned went bankrupt and/or out of business, and that didn't stop half a nation from electing him president and doing the same thing to the country.
Hi. I wrote the article on It's a broad statement, but it came shortly after this experience: I found on eBay 2 separate MyPoupette recommended sellers with auctions for fake Balenciaga bags. I checked that they were actually on the MyPoupette list, then I contacted the sellers directly about the listings in question. When I got no response from the sellers, I reported the listings to eBay and reported the sellers to MyPoupette. I got no response from MyPoupette, the listings were not removed, and the sellers are still on their recommended list. It states clearly in the MyPoupette rules that a recommended seller may not sell fakes of ANY brand, not just LV, and this was a clear violation. In both cases, the Balenciaga bags were obviously fakes, not just possibly/questionably. I also have heard from others who have claim to identified MPRS selling fake LVs, but I don't know enough about LVs to evaluate that.

I gather that MyPoupette was recently sued by LV for making money from the LV brand name, and they have had to change their site and their services somewhat - I'm not sure of the details. I've noticed that MPRS sellers no longer have the logo in their listings linked directly to the MPRS site - you actually have to type in the URL to verify that they're on the list.

I think in general the idea of a self-policing group is a good one, I just don't think this particular group is very effective.
I also have heard of a few cases from other LV boards where my poupette members have been outed for selling fakes and also shill bidding on ebay .. and because they were mypoupette they were let off, and given a second chance. I personally do not really value the mypoupette name anymore, I not only dont trust many of them , I think that they over price their items and are out there to rip people off. JMO
I've seen quite a few fake Chanels from MPRS /My Poupette sellers. To be honest, when a seller claims to be a my poupette seller, I do not automatically feel warm and fuzzy.