Can we preorder Violet yet??

  1. I am going to call my favorite SA at Neimens in Las Vegas... I want to preorder, but is it way too early? I'll let you all know what I find out. My french blue will have to get me through these stressful times! :crybaby:
  2. I think it is too early, because I tried to get on the list for french blue a few months ahead and everywhere said wait until a month or so before they would take names.
  3. Oooh violet!!!
  4. Gotta see the color!!!
  5. Yes, it's way too early. It's only March ladies. I know we get this info very quickly here on the forum, but we haven't even really begun Sp/Su yet.
  6. I would wait. Most NM's still don't even know what the colors for spring are.
  7. mmm, violet :yahoo::yahoo:
  8. After a night's sleep, I think I definitely want the Violet in a City w/ regular hardware. How about you guys?
  9. What styles will be available in the violet is the question!
  10. someone please fill me in, there's going to be a violet?
  11. every time I look at that violet it takes my breath away!!! I need it in a city with jaune coin purse..... yes NEED!!!
  12. I think if the SA is very close to you (like your bestfriend or relative :p) THEN she might put your name down... if not, then you prob. have to wait :sad:
  13. These colors are only going to be in certain styles so I wanted to give you all a heads up!
  14. Well I hope they don't put these colors on bags that aren't top selling syles just to try to get us to buy them because it won't work with me. I go for style first, then color. If I hate the style, I don't care what color it is if I'm not going to use the bag. My closet doesn't care about color. :p