Can we please share our Vuitton Bracelets?

  1. i'm waiting for mine in the mail
  2. I want to play too but don't have any.:sad:
  3. One of our members have 3 or 4 inclusion bracelets. I think it's heathermarie or something like that. Let me dig her bag showcase up.
  4. I have the beige inclusion pm


    I'd take more pics, but I'm traveling right now and don't have it with me. I'm thinking about buying another one when I get to Chicago later on this week.
  5. I don't have one either :sad:
    They're pretty though!
  6. here's my black inclusion bracelet:


  7. i like the bracelet.. bangles never work for me... i tried like tons on at Vuitton boutique before.. but they fall of me immediately.. my wrists are tiny
  8. I love the inclusion bracelets :heart: How much do they retail for? Just something to think about for a future purchase :shame:

    I love LV bracelets - everyone who has them, post pictures! :cool:
  9. sooo pretty
  10. The inclusion bracelets are sooo cute! I also like the inclusion ring. Does anyone know the retail on the bracelets?
  11. I love mine:heart: [​IMG]

  12. Love the bracelet... and the ring!
  13. thanks!! :yes:

    Cristina and GucciGirl...I'm not sure if the bracelets were affected by the price increase...I know the Inclusion GM is $335 and the Inclusion PM was/is $230-ish.
  14. these inclusion bangles... do they come in any size smaller than Small?
    the small is still too big for me... :cry: :cry:

    do you guys think i can order one?

    i'm waiting for a Cherry Blossom bracelet in the mail... will post pictures once receive