Can we just have a minute of silence for this speedy?

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  1. I think you guys didn't get this add: they probably mean that the person who is willing to take this bag will be paid $192 :lol:
  2. The bag was "loved to death". Now it is time to do the honorable thing and give it its last rites and lay dear Speedy to rest. It had a fraught life no doubt.
  3. Too funny!
  4. Very funny comments but on a serious note, I'm curious who would be tempted to buy this bag and why? Would it be as a science/art project, or maybe someone who wants it for its spare parts? I just can't figure it out!
  5. gees, would not even pay $1 for it
  6. What I can't believe is that it's actually for sale... It should be just thrown away!! It can't even be repaired!!!
  7. Looks like it has already died and been buried for some time.

    Poor bag. :shocked:
  8. I think what happens with many of the bags that are in this condition is that the owner is a first-time LV buyer and doesn't know Vachetta is sensitive to water, so they start to use it without being careful.