Can we just have a minute of silence for this speedy?

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  1. If Speedys could cry...
  2. If that bag is "gently used" then my twice carried speedy is "brand new with tags"...
  3. OMG! That poor bag!! "Gently used"…yeah right...
  4. I'll still feel like I've got ripped off even if the price is $5.
  5. It followed me to Facebook!! Poor, pathetic thing sitting there in the Tradesy ad on the side. Poor Tradesy. That's the picture I see when I see their ad.
  6. Oh my God!!! I wouldnt even give the bag to charity left alone selling it... The seller has rocks in her head... Poor bag!!!
  7. Lol, I was trying to be charitable. :smile:
  8. I wouldn't take it if they paid me.

    Poor speedy RIP...
  9. Screen shot from my phone. Its haunting me too.

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  10. On tradesy I think the only option is new or gently used
  11. Poor thing! (and $192 for it, really?)
  12. This is too funny. It's the curse of the Zombie bag :panic:
  14. wow. I don't even like the Speedy bags and I feel sorry for that bag!!!