Can we just have a minute of silence for this speedy?

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  1. Would anyone even buy this? Especially for these prices? I would pay $5 max for them.
  2. Condolences Speedy! You were loved to the max! :crybaby::crybaby:
  3. Lol, wow!
  4. ouch honestly after whatever they put that bag through? how can the owner try to sell it? Turn it into a flower pot or something, there must be memories attached to that bag by now
  5. It needs to be out of its misery. It's the humane thing to do
  6. :lolots:
  7. So I went to another website and guess what popped up in an ad? This zombie bag! There it was on my screen in an add for Tradsey. Its haunting me lol.
  8. LOL I'm seriously curious what happened to it - they say it's ten years old, but my first mono speedy is from 2007 and got a lot of abuse and doesn't look anything close to that bad (it actually looks really good). I think the poster who said it looks like it went through WWI and lost nailed it :giggles:
  9. OMG. I am speechless.
  10. That poor bag!!! :cry: Makes me want to go home and hug my Speedy
  11. Heehee this is a funny thread. 😃
  12. Poor thing wasn't "loved"! More like abused for a 10 year old speedy.:peace:

  13. Seriously!! I have a Speedy that was gifted to me by a relative recently and it's a 1999 - the zipper tab is ripped, but other than that, looks 100x better than this one. Sad. RIP lil speedy, I'm sure you were great. ;)
  14. That's a crying shame..
    Poor thing is just beaten to death...:boxing: