Can we have the "tPF fixed" view back?

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  1. I remember Vlad discussing this in the recent virus thread, that he had to disable the fixed view while dealing with the virus issues. Is it possible to get it back? Or is there some reason why you guys have decided not to reintroduce it? Thanks!:smile:
  2. I must be the only one who misses it... I just liked the nice damask wallpaper and the more compact thread area. I have a really wide monitor, so everyone's posts are stretched out in the Liquid style. But that's ok, I'll live:smile:
  3. I wish it would come back too. I also have a very wide monitor so when things are so stretched out they look weird. I really miss it......:sad:
  4. :true:
  5. I have to say it would be nice to have back, It made my screen nicer to look at.
    I have a 17inch monitor and its a lot of white.
  6. i miss it too....but if the forum runs better without it, I guess I can take one for the team, :P, I did have to turn down the brightness though :sunnies:
  7. Still missing it :sad:
  8. It might be able to come back! Let me alert Vlad k :smile:
  9. Thanks Megs! I'll keep my fingers crossed!!
  10. I check every day to see if by chance "fixed" is back.:smile:
  11. Let me re-alert Vlad to see if he can do this!
  12. Thanks Megs!
  13. Just thought I'd ask the question again . I don't remember seeing anywhere that the answer was no. :flowers: