can we have our cake and eat it too? loosing wieght::loosing cup size?!

  1. or is this just a fact of life we just have to come to terms to.. having a great body= having a smaller cup size?
  2. Unfortunately, boobs are usually one of the first things to go. I used to be a 36DD... lost 20lbs, now i'm a 36D
  3. If I diet down to the size that I like to be, my BF complains about pointy hipbones and lack of boobage:crybaby:
  4. I'm dealing with this right now....lost the fullness of my breasts :crybaby:but hopefully I can continue to build up my chest muscles.
  5. this didn't happen to me - i've lost over 40 pounds and my boobs actually haven't changed at all. they also really didn't get any bigger as i gained the weight in the first place. so it just depends on where your body stores the extra fat! i think people that store theirs in their hips and thighs are probably more apt to have boob fluctuations - i store mine in my stomach, so my T&A doesn't change much when i gain or lose.
  6. ^^^Yeah, I store my extra lbs. in the butt & thigh area. My waist has always been small so I guess that's why the boobs just disappear when I start to lose weight.
  7. same and I hate it. And to begin with...I'm only a 34B. So it's like I lost alot of boobage. :crybaby:
  8. Unfortunately this is usually the case, as breasts are composed primarily of fat. And if you're the sort of person who tend to put on weight on your upper body, your boobs will shrink a few sizes during weightloss. I know cuz I've been there :sneaky:
  9. Dude, i've not much to begin with (A) :shame:, that if gaining weight meant an increase in boobage, i would def be packing away the cookies, cakes and all things sugary sweet :P. Alas, fat gain usually goes to my hips/thighs and doesn't even make the butt any less flat. Boo.
  10. I don't necessarily think it's a bad thing, because skinny girls with big boobs look a bit disproportionate at times :P I know that when I weighed 15 or 20 pounds more than I do now (a few years ago), I was a 34D, but I am now a 32C, and honestly, I'm glad. Because I think that D cups would look a bit ridiculous on me!
  11. i'd be SO happy if my breasts got smaller when i lost weight! I'm tired of hauling these things around. When i get smaller they just stand out more! in fact my nice husband pointed that out lastnight, i've been losing weight and he was excited cause it made my chest look larger.
  12. losing a lot of weight usually means everything gets smaller. it is kind of depressing when the boobage shrinks immensely though. =/
  13. I hope it happens to me. I'm trying to avoid surgery.
  14. In loosing weight I went from a 38DD to a 32C
  15. Not for me! I am so busy and sometimes i really forget to eat. But even if I lose 5 lbs because on me beng 5'1 5 lbs is a lot I never lose my 34Ds and I want to soo much but they are loyal friends. For everyone it is different.