Can we have another sub-category? Maybe?

  1. Mods.....I was just thinking that it might be nice to have maybe a Scarf sub-category? Where we can put info about cleaning, buying from reputable re-sellers, buying vintage, buying new, all the designs, trivia, it possible and is there enough interest?

    :flowers: :flowers:

    ...just wondering......
  2. I am not sure there is a enough interest to create a seperate sub-forum. Are you having a problem navigating through the forum to find the right threads??? Let me know because I can help you with that.
  3. Great idea - I mentioned something earlier about ideas/ways to tie them so we could have pics included (as one posted which I'm soo in love with!!) I hope we can! I second the motion....
  4. yes -- super idea!
  5. What if we created a thread (sticky) in the reference section just about scarves, rather than create a whole subforum for just scarves.
  6. OK! That would be GREAT, Jag. I wasn't sure of the correct terminology for the different sections so I just used "sub-category". Oh, that would be SO helpful!!!!! Love it!!!
  7. Ok, then. I will go ahead and create a thread for you to put all the info you can about scarves. I will be located in the Reference Section.
  8. Ok get postin ladies!!! It's all yours!
  9. Brilliant idea... I am sure there are quite a few of us who collect, and scarves are a wonderful way to start a Hermes collection. There is so much info that we could share, aside of the good/bad buyer info. Many of us who collect vintage would love to share info, too.
    Please can we have it?!
  10. Go take a look at the reference library ladies!!!
  11. YAAYYYYY! Thank you so much, Jag!!!!

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  12. ....I am so excited......
  13. But of course!
  14. Thank you!!