Can we have a subforum called "The Powder Room"

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  1. For makeup, skincare, cosmetics chat?
  2. I've asked about a 'Beauty Bar' before. . . maybe Vlad will grant our wish!
  3. I Really Like That! :smile:
  4. That could be a nice idea. And haircolouring questions could also be put into this subforum as well (just to keep things simple and not have a million subforums, lol).
  5. That's a great idea. There's such a wealth of information among us that it'd be shame to let it waste :smile:
  6. I would love it too! Our love should not stop at only handbags and shoes ;) It would be wonderful to just go to a subforum and find everyone's beauty secrets and concerns all in one place :flowers:
  7. yess plz!!! i'm a bag and makeup addict!!! so it would be perfect :smile:
  8. That's so funny, because I was thinking today that I need a new mascara and wanted to ask around here to see what you ladies use, but realized there was no appropriate place to post that question. Great idea!
  9. Agree! It would be great!!
  10. Please, please!
  11. I suppose our wish for subforums are endless! Get ready Vlad!!!
  12. oh thats a great idea! and while we're at it.... lol jk
  13. That would be great! Then I'd never leave LOL
  14. Voila!
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