Can we have a pet subforum?

  1. I know it's a bit cheesy but I love talking about my pets and reading about others :shame: There are already a number of threads about pets and I think it would be nice if we could group them together in one subforum, can we please?
  2. lol yes!!! hehehe I for one, am all for it.
  3. i second it, I am sure if you asked my dogs, they would confess to a a huge passion for bags ;)
  4. I third it(hehe). I love the idea, and I love reading about fellow pfer's pets.
  5. I think it's a great idea too!
  6. I think that would be a reallly cool subforum = )
  7. I just bought a Maltese and I would love to hear stories too.
  8. I'd love a pet subforum too!
  9. haha--I'll have to register my 2 scotties for the pf so that they have something to do when I'm out of the apartment. One doesn't spell too good though. They have a carrier. Does that count as their first purse?
  10. Yes yes please please please Vlad?
  11. That is a great suggestion :yes:
  12. I know for a fact that my dogs have an expensive taste as the only pair of shoes they have chewed on are a pair of Vuitton espadrilles. They've never even given my cheapo ones a second glance
  13. :yahoo: THANK YOU SO MUCH! :yahoo:
  14. :party: THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:
  15. :welcome: