Can We Go Through All The Shoulder Bags?

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  1. You wouldn't know from my collection, but I am and always have been a shoulder bag girl. In fact for a long time I would not buy a bag that wouldn't go on my shoulder. But the LV Speedy changed all that. I still find it annoying sometimes...especially when I'm shopping and need both my hands!!! So can we go through all the shoulder bags and list which one(s) you think are the best? I'm getting a little frustrated with Gwen in that respect, lol

    Commodore - I loved everything about this bag except two things: slipping off my shoulder and it's kinda hard to get in and out of without taking it off your shoulder.

    Marley Hill - I love everything about this bag except that sometimes it's too small to hold everything I want to carry. I think it is my favorite LAMB shoulder bag.

    Rowington - Sometimes I like it, sometimes I don't. I think it's the stripe...sometimes I think it goes and sometimes I think it ruins it for me. Plus I don't think it holds very much. I doubt it would hold as much as my Marley so that's pushing it.

    Westfield Tote - I've only ever been able to try on the Lipstick and it felt humongo. I can only carry an all leather bag this big because the slouch makes it feel smaller.

    Oxford - Very heavy from what I've heard (and what I felt picking up the Cheetah in Off 5th). Plus the three compartments would make me give up my trusty chameleon....or they could provide me with a built-in chameleon..who knows?

    Devon - Too big.

    Kingston - Too big.

    Ok guys, let me know your opinions.
  2. I'm assuming we're only talking Signature bags? not the other stuff?

    Devon, IMO is not a shoulder bag.

    Granthamn is a good sized tote...

    I like the oxford, and I know what you mean about it being heavy.. and the three compartments would make u give up your chameleon but with the Oxford you won't even need it, the bag keeps me very organized.
  3. Don't forget our favorite the cyprus!!
    And the Montego???
    Cyprus- really cute simple grab and go bag, but very small.
    Montego-I'd like to check it out! Sounds nice!
    Commodore-not liking the chains on this one. otherwise its really cute.
    Marley-Love it! holds a good amount of stuff but sometimes not enough.
    Rowington-not really my style..
    Westfield-not my style either a little too boxy
    Oxford-too heavy, great compartments. Can't hold too much in it-at least for me
    Devon- very cute but I hear it's heavy and might be too long.
    Kingston-I'd like to check it out! sounds really nice and roomy
  4. oh the grantham! I forgot that one..
  5. I guess the esquivel could technically be shoulder carry but I think it's best handheld.
  6. I actually prefer smaller bags. I have a marley hill and think it's too big! Also it bugs me that the tab after the clasp is longer than the bag, so it gets smashed when I put my bag down. I wish LAMB would make a slightly smaller should bag! Cyprus is too small for me though.
  7. and the wilbury..
  8. grantham-is a good school/work size tote
    esquivel-holds about the same as the marley probably more..
    wilbury-looks like it holds hardly anything at all.
  9. Signature Collection
    Cyprus -- toooo small for me.. it'll only fit my wallet in there.. so i pass..

    Commodore -- i'm not a big fan of hobo bag.. so i pass on this one as well..

    Esquivel -- it needs a longer handle for it to fit comfortably on my shoulder.. all that run-through-each-other-zippers annoy me sometimes..

    Rowington -- this one starts to grow on me.. i love the detail, pretty good size for shoulder bag (if i don't want to carry much), the strap is good & sits pretty well on my shoulder.. no slipping problem..

    Westfield -- LOVE it.. perfect for school.. fit all of my noteboooks & textbook in there.. no zipper means easy in and easy out.. no slipping problem with the handles at all, it's very comfy in fact..

    Kingston -- i have a verona and i believe they're the same size.. it's a lil bit big.. but you can fit pretty much everything in there.. it zipped all around make it a lil bit more hard to get in and out (unless you want to leave it open and just put that strap that running from back to the front).. and i love that lock on the side..

    Oxford -- i've been wanting one cause i really like the fact that they have 3 different compartments.. hybrid between handheld and shoulder bag..

    Devon -- BIG BIG BIG.. that's the word.. i haven't even use my devon since i got it couple months ago.. but i still love it.. don't wanna part with it just yet.. i like they have 3 different compartments as well.. keep you organized but mannn, that bag is heavy and big!

    Grantham -- there's something about this bag that turning me off.. probably that pockets on the side? i don't know but i never really like grantham..

    Marley Hill -- still to small for me..

    I couldn't fit montego on my shoulder so it's strictly handheld for me..

    Love Collection

    Pavia -- I love it.. hope to add one to my collection.. the strap sits comfortably on my shoulder.. pretty big size which is good to fit all my stuff in there.. a lil bit dressier than the other shoulder bag..

    Verona -- see kingston :P
  10. Yeah, I guess I did forget about the Grantham didn't I? I'd rather not count the Esquivel and Montego because I don't think they were made to be shoulder carry....both of them are armpit bags on me.

    Luna, you know I never even thought about the leather stuff I guess cause I don't own any. What from the love collection can be shoulder carry?? I'm intrigued!
  11. ^^ Pavia, Sienna, Asti... Ummmmm... The Aviano (esquivel-ish bag) was shoulder carry too
  12. Yeah, I guess I've never considered the love stuff cause there's never really been a color for me. And then Asti has the same shoulder slippage issue...and it doesn't really "slouch" like I feel a hobo should.
  13. How about some pics to go w/ the descriptions? :graucho:

    I don't carry anything but shoulder bags so pics to i.d. these bags for the non-L.A.M.B.-er would be rock out awesome!!!!
  14. Cyprus, Commodore, Devon, Grantham, Esquivel-(Not really shoulder carry)
    cyprus.jpg commodore.jpg devon.jpg esquivel.jpg grantham.jpg
  15. Kingston, Marley Hill, Montego(also not very shoulder friendly), Oxford, Rowington
    kingston.jpg marleyhill.jpg montego.jpg oxford.jpg rowington.jpg