Can we get support for a heartbroken fellow PF'er?

  1. Hey ladies-

    I know I am new here-but, this is such a great community of women and everybody is so loving and supportive, I was hoping we could all reach out a little bit.

    Without giving away anyone's identity-one of our members is very down. She has broken up with her boyfriend of a year who now in turn is spreading lies about her to others in their community-this as you can imagine is only adding to the hurt of the lost love. Anyway-she is away from her friends right now and really could use words of support and encouragement from others. I figure some of us out here have been through this in our lives and might be able to relate.

    She has been checking in on the board and I think if she sees this-it will help her to feel less alone. Thanks ladies!
  2. I don't know who it is, but I just want to show my support. I'm sorry whoever you are. Lots of :heart::heart: and hugs going your way!!
  3. Aww.. that's terrible ! Lots of love and handbag karma from me ! :heart::heart:
  4. So sorry to hear about this situation, how awful to get lies thrown in the face on top of an alreday painful separation.

    Sending lots of hugs and support, hope you feel better soon!!!
    :flowers: :flowers: :flowers:
  5. Out with the old and in with the new!! A fabulous guy worth your love is just around the corner. Be glad your ex is being nasty. It will make being away from him easier. He is a loser! Be glad you didnt marry the bum!

    Smile and feel better!!
  6. You are worth so much more than that type of treatment! You will find a loyal, kind man in the very near future- don't give up hope! They are out there!
  7. TOns of hugs for ya .........cheer up this isnt the end of the world. Just the beginning to big and better things
  8. oh, so sorry to hear about the situation. lotsa hugs and kisses from me!
  9. Whoever you are you are not alone. You have friends here. When you're feeling blue join us here for some bag talk and a few laughs. Hang in there. It will get better ..... promise.;)
  10. Only time will ease the hurt, so just stay strong until enough time has gone by for you to see that this was not a loss in your life, but rather a chance for you to find the person you truly were meant to be with.

    As for the lies, you must look inside yourself, know the truth and believe in yourself and your strength. This is a hard time for you and may continue to be for a little while, but keep looking ahead. Your future will be so much better without this person. Stay strong!
  11. That is the best thing about this forum.... there are about 9,000 people on your side. We all hope you are feeling better and let us know if you need anything- just to vent even without us commenting. Sometimes letting it all out makes you feel better!!!!

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  13. Los of HUGS!!! Hang in there dear... :flowers:
  14. This is just a bump in the road...find a gentleman :yes: and be thankful this :censor: weasel is out of your life. And remember, you'll feel a little better every day, so just keep moving forward.:flowers:
  15. Sending hugs and well wishes from the UK.:flowers:

    To the fellow PFer who is having a tough time - trust that things will get better, i know it doesn't seem like it now, but just think of it like this - you've had a lucky escape...if he has the nerve to spread lies about you even whilst knowing you are hurting so bad, someone whom he claimed to love, then he really wasn't worth s***:mad:

    Take care xxx