Can we get a "notebook" option?

  1. Other forums I've used let's us save a certain thread to our notebook - do we have that option? Is it possible to get this option on here, if we don't have it already?
  2. What exactly does a "notebook" do?
  3. hey there :smile:

    A notebook is where you can store links or threads that you may want to bookmark to refer to at a later date.
    On a different forum you can click "add to notebook"
    and your thread would be saved; it saves time.
  4. if you go under thread tools, you can subscribe to the thread.. then if you want to go back to it, just go under quicklinks, subscribed threads. HTH!
  5. wow, i've never heard of a notebook before. but i agree, isn't subscribing kinda the same thing?
  6. It appears to serve the same purpose. :yes: