Can we get a list of ebay sellers that actually sell authentic bags?

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  1. I know 95% are fake on ebay, but I'm sure there are some that carry authentic items. Has anyone bought from any of these sellers? If so, can you provide us w/their ebay store names/ebay names?

    One more thing, how reliable are those 100% AUTHENTIC GUARANTEED?! I think those people are full of it! Just need some first person experience.
  2. If your looking for Louis Vuitton, go to they have ebay sellers listed that only sell authentic items. Or if you are looking for other designers go here

    Listed there is many differnt brands, tips on buying and lists of sellers who only sell authentic items. But my advice would be, to really research the seller and the product before buying, so you don't get ripped off.

    Good luck!
  3. What you are asking for is near impossible. But if you want recommendations about authentic sellers, you might want to mention a specific designer that you plan on purchasing.

    For a purchase like this - I would stick to seller's whose feedback qualifies them for Paypal Buyer Protection. That way if you get a fake, you can get your money back.

  4. I am like GuyNsearch4Bag.....I would like to know if there is a list of reputable ebay sellers that tpf members usually go to if purchasing from ebay. I am currently looking into buying another Louis Vuitton and am confused at the vast price differences and selection on ebay. I am just a novice because I dont know what to look for. I am currently looking at the LV Mirage speedy''s on and bordeaux. But confused by the price differences and whether one is more reputable than another. Help!
  5. While I understanding why you are asking, I don't really think it's safe to make a list of seller's "that only sell authentic items." The problem is that we shouldn't be endorsing specific sellers because sometimes even the most reputable sellers make mistakes. This would also leave the door open for "copy cats" to take advantage of our members. To be safe, Ebay items should be authenticated on a case by case basis (use the Authenticate This thread). JMO.
  6. For LV items, you can check "LV shopping" subforum. There's a thread there with several auth LV reseller sites.
  7. You can go to the SubForum of whatever brand you are shopping for and in the authenticate thread can do a search (when it returns) of "sellers" and get info... you can also post the question and see what reply is more than likely will get PMs with trusted sellers... Or just post the auctions you are looking at and get them authenticated in the threads first...
  8. I'm not sure it's a good idea, like others said. For example, FashionPhile is considered VERY reputable, but even they sold a fake once. It's hard to generalise.
  9. Thanks for all the replies regarding trying to find a reputable seller of LV's on ebay. I will do more research on the things everyone is suggesting and hope to have success trying to find a Mirage LV speedy 30. Thanks everyone!
  10. Your best bet is to do your research, I've seen very reputable sellers sold fakes.
  11. It's maddening - I nearly lost £310 on a supposedly authentic Prada Fairy Bag on Ebay. Seller almost convinced me to do a bank transfer. It's maddening - there are so many fakes of this bag.
  12. I was thinking the same. How much time and hassle would it save us if we knew who the reputable ones are.

    I hope we can have a thread on "tpf recommended sellers" and others can share their experience with the sellers. tpf has "authentic... finds thread" and I think it's going pretty well. :tup:
  13. I know someone who bought from a mypoupette seller who sold her a fake. I must honestly say that sometimes the unknown ones are the ones you can get the best deals from but you must do your homework and take the chances.

  14. Good luck on your search! It's a beautiful bag! Just make the seller has alot of feedback, buyer protection of $2,000, has LV before, has all the right photos/description, and have the forum authenticate or Carol Diva before bidding.
  15. The authentication forums on tpf do a good job for all brands. The Chanel girls are excellent!